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Crowfall videos + open beta (free tests!) this winter

Started by JamesGoblin
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[Image: 136957_4.jpg]
Crowfall is incoming PvP MMORPG in cartoony style - to enable battles with hundreds of players, with lots of physics and voxel building / destruction. Frequent changes of sex/class/race will be likely - account is tied to crow-spirit, so after death you fly to find a new body!?

Game already has more than $10M of budget, 150 000 registered accounts and open beta (free tests) is announced for "summer 2017", all required is just registration on the site. You can check it's IGN Wiki for more details about the game and here are some player-made videos, early tests:

The game will have very strong RTS feel - strategy, politics & economy will matter as much as - if not more than - individual player skill. It is, IMO accurately, described as "Game of Thrones meets EVE Online".

Also, you will be able to physically build your own kingdom (and to set game rules in it, including taxes to other players and turning PvP on/off) by playing Tetris!?! Here is how early tests of that building tool look like.

[Image: 76a2a922f9f576ab873eba2d3e614a8c_origina...42e7898ac2]

PS Here is an Imgur album with hundreds of images and screenshots, together with today's update with lots of siege engines - including siege towers!?

Of course, if anyone has comments or questions - just go ahead, I'll stick around.
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I updated my previous post with some videos, and here's a short comic about death. Briefly - when you die in Crowfall, you fly and seek new corpse to possess. Not necessarily of the same sex, race or class!

[Image: wiY83TE.jpg]

[Image: 6gcAmTb.jpg]

[Image: ztergOi.jpg]

[Image: MX671pI.jpg]

[Image: E6UPJUH.jpg]

[Image: TvsR2zV.jpg]

[Image: ih90FAy.jpg]

[Image: 8oTiMXh.jpg]

[Image: fTbsDTy.jpg]

[Image: g10zAmc.jpg]

[Image: YLxE9Dd.jpg]
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