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Few niche / indie games to try out whilst waiting for beta.

Started by Nehemia
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#1: Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars (nickname: Zici Zici Platform PS3)

[Image: Super_Sonic_Acrobatic_Battle_Cars.png]

A football game, with cars. Yup, that's right, cars. Except these cars can jump, rotate in the air freely, fly (somewhat) and reach super-sonic speeds. Best enjoyed @ 4 player split-screen with 108" screen and beer. Extremely skill requiring game = FUN.

(note: +1k hours played, still not bored)

#2: LIMBO (available on steam, PS3 store)
A true indie game, short but awesome. 8 hours of quality puzzle things that remind you of old proper 2d action shit. Actually, it was a top seller for a while (indie category)

#3: Journey (PS3, others?)

A real piece of art, won't reveal anything else.

#4: Path of Exile (PC)
The newest addition to ARPG category, this improvised Diablo isn't really a small or indie, but it kicks ass. It truly does.
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My Top3

1# Super Meat Boy
[Image: K1ucCpsT-eo2oR1w-6UjYFh0tnPnkunWfBXP-rsM...ize_mode=2]

2# Hotline Miami
[Image: gzLqorD7IbUefx7XgH4CzpAvOHkrUwEctD0rxXzc...ize_mode=2]

3# Limbo
[Image: 1ccIPLe3diUpPZpozqI280umiEJkHcQaMYWOJyG8...ize_mode=2]

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FTL: Faster Than Light
FTL is a spaceship simulation roguelike-like. Its aim is to recreate the atmosphere of running a spaceship exploring the galaxy. You have to manage your ship's various systems like engines, weapons, shields, doors, etc. As well as manage your crew, and hopefully keep them alive, as you try to survive the game's random encounters to reach the end. The game can be very unforgiving but is immensely fun. That is if you don't mind perma death, and if you fail you have to start from scratch.

Anywho, the game can be foinf on as well as steam and its own website

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