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Morrowind Construction Set Plugin Help

Started by Leniel Sith
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Okay so i decided to make a plug-in last night for Morrowind using the construction set i got with Morrowind GOTY.
My plug-in was simple i just created a few enchanted rings using vanilla items (rings) in the game with a added small chest in Seyda Neen.

Anyways after finishing my plug-in i saved the plug-in, moved it to C:/Program x86/Morrowind/Data Files and selecting it on data files.

Loading up Morrowind seems okay, No messages saying there is a problem with the plug-in. Only when i start a new game or load my previous game does the problems start.

First the menu looks different (see attachment)

The stats menu has a s at the start of every skill example:

sSkillLongsword 50

The second problem is the player character moves faster than usual even with speed at 25 like there speed is at 125.

Third the Slit Strider charges to much 432g from Seyda Neen to Balmora.

I don't know how to fix these problem as i' am a noob to the construction set and i always get this problem every time i create a plug-in. If anyone has a answer to solve my problem or has experience in making plug-in your help will be very much appreciated

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Hm, I have no clue. But I know where all the guys hang out that do! Look here:
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The Ghost of TESOF
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