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Random games screenshots/videos thread

Started by Tarantadu
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Since we already have an Elder Scrolls only screenshot thread, feel free to post screenshots from any other games. I will start with stereoscopic 3D images that can be viewed using the cross-eyed method. Note: not everyone is capable of doing this and is difficult for some, so please take care. I don't want to be responsible for anyone's headache lol.

As some of you know I only play games in stereoscopic 3D vision. I found a way to turn the 3D screenshots into an image that can be viewed in 3D without using special equipment.

1. Position the image directly in front of you. Try the scaled down version first because full size will be more difficult. If you want to start with the full size image I would suggest that you sit further back and start viewing from at least 4-6 feet away.

2. While keeping the stereo pair of images in the center of your vision, slowly cross your eyes. The image will go out of focus and you will seem to see four images. Continue crossing your eyes more, until the center two of the four images overlap and you see three blurry images.

4. Try and hold the center image together until you see the 3D effect.


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