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Roleplaying in video games

Started by Aseir
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Alright, seeing as there isn't a 'general gaming' forum, I'll have to post this here.

What is your opinion on roleplaying in video games? This includes MMORPGs as well as other multiplayer franchises that can support rp (minecraft, eg.)

Do you rp in games, and if yes or no, why (not)?

Personally, I don't see the appeal to roleplay in MMORPGs. My reasons for this is because there are hardly any features to support proper rp, and most important of all, there is nobody in control of outcomes. This is true to most games where roleplaying is popular. Being a roleplayer (both LARP and PnP) irl, it's a big deal for me, that the game has to be designed properly for rp.

The only game I spent a lot of time rping in, was the original Neverwinter Nights, on a persistent world server. I had a very good time doing this, because the game was made for the purpose of RP, all the way from the modding scene and ability to make your own worlds and servers, to the dungeonmaster feature which worked brilliantly with persistent world servers too!

That said, I believe that a certain rp-ish (I suppose) interaction in mmorpgs is important. It's just more engaging, when people are into their character (not in-character). It creates interaction between players, which in turn, creates community. And community is the single most important thing that keeps players playing in MMORPGs.

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Qa'Dar must agree, the best of mmo-games without good community wil not survive very long...

About the RP, this one is confused, Qa'Dar can only be Qa'Dar, this one may change clothes, could travel from Skyrim to Elsweyr or even put up some warpaint, no matter what this one does, he would still be Qa'Dar...

Also, this one is pretty sure the Gods of TESO will have made sure that every Man, Mer, Argonian or Khajiit will feel at home in Tamriel.
They couldn't afford not to...
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