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Started by gilan
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if you hadn't heard of the division look it up now im more excited for this game than anyone in the five minutes I saw I was in awe..... and the best thing about it if your friends need help and your not near a console/ computer you can go on your smart phone or tablet and be a drone that marks and stuns enemy! maybe more but from what I saw this is a must buy game [/align]

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I'm actually looking forward to this game. Not much of a shooter fan anymore but i like the RPG and MMO elements there trying to tie in with the division.

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Looks very interesting. Only PS4 & XB1; no PC yet.

Official site:

Gameplay: (looks good in 1080p)

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This game has me very excited though I still need to know more about it before being fully sold, but one thing they did state, but not talk about that had me the most excited was some survival aspects such as gathering food and water and in the gameplay trailer you can actually see that he grabs some when in the police station.

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