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Gamer Exit // Ebonheart Pact // Hardcore PvP, PvE // US

Started by WulF
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Hello guys and girls,

My name is WulF, I'm a division leader of Gamer Exit. We're a gaming community that is growing at a rapid pace and we're coming to you all today to find some fellow Elder Scrolls players.

About Gamer Exit:

Gamer Exit is a group of gamers that are experienced and like to have fun. Right now a lot of our members are playing games such as ARMA II Wastelands, Day Z, League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive while we wait for the game to drop or until we get into the beta. We are looking to get more into Elder Scrolls Online and get more members for when the game goes into beta and launches. The most important thing at Gamer Exit is that members have fun and a personalized gaming experience.

We are based in US Central Time Zone (UTC -6:00) but have members based all around the US. So you will always have someone online to chat with.

What we can offer:

We have a Teamspeak3 server that our members can talk to the rest of the community on. The IP for the server is on our website, feel free to hop into the server and chat with us. We do require that applicants join the TS3 server for us to be able to meet you and get to know you.

We can also offer you an easy going and friendly community. We are mostly made up of older gamers that have played such games as World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 1 & 2 and Global Agenda that require good players to progress and be one of the best guilds in the US or World.

What we are looking for:

We are looking for any gamer, new or old, that is interested in Elder Scrolls Online and has a passion to game. We are looking to have fun in this game but also get serious and go deep into PvE or PvP progression. We do not care about if you have 0 experience in MMOs or have been doing MMOs your whole life, we want people who like to game and want to have fun and be around good company.

What we are NOT looking for:

We are not looking for gamers who are racist or feel as if female gamers cannot play at a high level. We have female gamers in our community and want to just have fun and will NOT tolerate this at all.

How to apply:

The way to apply to Gamer Exit is by going to the Gamer Exit website. Register with whatever alias you wish then Apply. The application is very short and not that in-depth (you can see it below).

Please do not apply on this thread please go to our Forums.

TS3 Info: (You may need to register on the site to see the info)

The Recruitment Application:
[Image: 5ljTE1q.png]

Thank you for reading,
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