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Gaming keyboards.

Started by Stinkyremy
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As I am getting more and more into PC gaming I have recently treated myself to a 7 button Gaming mouse, whoooo going up in the world! lol
I was thinking of getting a gaming keyboard but do not know where to begin. So I need some input and advise please.

Firstly I am currently using a mac style flat keyboard exactly like this:

I would like to get a flat keyboard as I don't particularly like the normal chunky key keyboards, and am not used to them, But I I have not seen any flat gaming keyboards.
They also gather dust and debris very easy compared to the flat keyboard, and with a flat keyboard I can just wipe it with a wet wipe and it is fresh.

The only decent flat keyboard I have found, is this lovely looking logitech keyboard:

Though it is not for gaming, and a bit out of my price range that I am willing to spend on a keyboard.

Could you guys please give me some advise and opinions.

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Yes, that is a wee bit more than some of the others. Looks good though. I checked around and if you have a PS3, this works fine
with it also, and the upcoming PS4.
In my opinion, a good gaming mouse is more important than the
keyboard; and it looks like you got that covered.

Don't know if you saw this one yet but there is a very extensive
review of this keyboard on the NA side of Amazon. It's a very
good read.

One last note; some MMO's do use the Num Pad keys,
(like the just launched yesterday FFXIV ARR) but usually
you can remap those.

Best of luck,

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