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Started by ganach
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Daggerfall Covenant
Age- 20
Born in the reach he experienced sever heart problems at the age of 1 his mother Seera took him to the hagravens in search of a cure the hags told her the only way for him to survive was for him to become a briar heart Ganach's mother was revolted at the idea and took her child away. His mother's mental health declined slowly as he got worse she prayed to the old gods for a solution.
One night while she was praying a voice assaulted her ears it came from all directions and told her what she must do. Eager for a end to his suffering she obeyed she used magic to send her son into a deep sleep, she then removed his heart instead of just instantly putting in the briar heart she ground her sons heart to a blood like substance and poured it into the hallowed out briar heart then placed it in his chest sowing the skin back over the hole.
She did as the voice instructed and waited three days on the third night her son stirred he was fine as the voice had said he could live and not lose his humanity.
Ganach grew he became a was different not emotionless like a briar heart but not like a human either he developed unnatural strength and felt no pain due to this people avoided him.
As the years went on he became a natural hunter laying perfectly still and when his prey was close swinging up with his axe but as he grew older so did his desire for violence he would get into fights just for the fun of it.
Eventually this activity attracted the attention of the hagravens they watched him each day studying him afeter awhile they figured out what Seera had done enraged they surrounded the hut that he and his mother lived in then all together burned it to the ground thinking ganach was dead they left hours passed the the ashes sturred Ganach pulled himself free from the wreckage and searched 4 his mother he found her crushed to death by the beams of the house.
In a rage he pursed the hags and they attempted to destroy him but the protection given by the old gods protected him from their magic he killed them all feeling no remorse he left for a short time before returning to take his secret wife and child with him. His children's children's grandchildren's children r members and high ranking officers in the Forsworn. He was stopped by the guards and could not escape.
He was jailed for his crimes and left to rot ganach spent about three months in prison until he was given an idea by listening to a coversation outside his cell about the upcoming war seizing the opportunity he asked to speak to the chief he went before the chief and stated his case "Great chief I have a proposal if u agree to release me I will go to king Emeric of Highrock and fight for his army to secure us our land should the nords attack us.
The chief agreed and sent Ganach away to Highrock once there he went to the capital city and Spoke to king Emeric he promised Ganach's people could keep their land if he would fight in their army this lead to Ganach finally finding a way to saint his appetite for violence and help his people.
Appearance-Tall and muscular for a Brenton ,Black hair he sometimes depending on his mood wears in a Mohawk, a long jagged scar across his left cheek made by the claw of a hagraven it never fades.
Combat style- He uses an axe in combination with stealth, light armor , And fire magic to create a unpredictable ambush attack style.
Date of death-unknown.
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Ebonheart Pact
I like the Reachmen and he obviously has a dark twist to him. But what is his personality like?

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
Rage, Rage Against the Dying of the Light

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