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Ganzim Elsinorin

Started by Zim
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Ebonheart Pact
First Name - Ganzim

Surname - Elsinorin

Sex - Male

Race - Altmer

Age - 197

Occupation - Knight Sorcerer Living In Exile

Faction - Aldmeri Dominion

Appearance - Signs of aging are apparent, whether that be from age, or the constant use of his body as a conduit of magical energy, is uncertain. His white stringy hair is about shoulder length and falls in front of his face.

Personality - Indifferent to most of the things that go on around him, whether it be politics, social events, or even social status. He cares little for others, with the exception of a few friends, and he is fiercely loyal to any he calls friend. He isn't necessarily evil, but he is definitely prone to chaos and sometimes unpredictable behavior.

Social Background/Backstory -

"Who gets to determine the boundaries of magic? The so called "darker arts" are no more evil than the rest, they're simply misunderstood."

The whereabouts of Ganzim have been a mystery to many until recently. His fascination and his somewhat abnormal approach and beliefs toward magic caused him to be shunned by many. But it wasn't until the accident that he disappeared.

Ganzim was infamous for his dabbling in what some might have called "Dark Magic", but to him magic was magic and all was there to be explored and mastered. It wasn't the magic that was bad, but the people who wield it abusively. One of his peers, curious as to the nature of his studies, and secretly curios about Ganzim's abilities challenged him to a duel. Ganzim accepted, and throughout the duration of the duel, managed to drive the man insane, beyond repair. He was blamed for the man's condition, and was set to face what was called "justice for his abnormal and excessive use of magic against his peer". Those who witnessed the entire thing were set to testify in his defense, but they would never get the chance

Ganzim left, for what he thought would be forever from his colleagues. He found out through no mistake that the whole thing had been revealed for what it was, and that he was welcome to return, but he had no need at the time. Ganzim found his home in an isolated, northern part of Skyrim, taking on the surname "Elsinorin" to throw off those who would begin to wonder or question his origins, where he was free to hone his skills for over 150 years without interruption, disdain, and persecution, freely practicing his arts on the unsuspecting villagers and tavern patrons.

He has just recently returned to Summerset Isles, where he has found that his homeland is in danger. Many thinking him to be dead, welcomed him, but he didn't care too much for that. He has decided that he will enlist to defend his homeland, not only for the sake of his home, but to put his skills to the test that he has been improving on for over a century. He longs for a challenge, or a test to prove his worth and mettle.

Worst Memory - Accidentally driving a man insane.

Skills - Even though he is skilled with magic, and controlling the minds of others, he is also skilled with more destructive arts, and blades.

Religious Views Ganzim recognized the presence of the Aedra and Daedra, but that's about it. Believing they like nothing more than to meddle in mortal affairs, he tends to care little for them.

Politics Views Ganzim only fights for his country men because they are his kin, not to push any sort of agenda, except to keep his kin and himself free from the potential tyranny of the other races. He also likes the idea of using his enemies as experiments.
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