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Garen Taranau

Started by chevalier mal fet
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Aldmeri Dominion
(Note: I created this whole thing to serve as a bio for a possible PC. I may or may not play Garen in the actual game, but if I do, I prefer to have a character personality which informs play style, rather than the other way round. I haven't really considered roleplaying at the juncture, although I'm not adverse to the idea. I feel like there's a moderately long fanfic that can be written about this guy.)

First Name - Garen, short for Garendar

Surname - As an Altmer, he doesn't have one, but will use "Taranau", his uncle's surname, when needed.

Title - None, at the moment.

Sex - Male

Race - Altmer

Age - 26

Occupation - Roaming adventurer and healer.

Faction - Aldmeri Dominion

Appearance - Tall for an elf (about 6'8"), with shoulder-length black hair, yellow-green eyes, and golden-brown skin.

Personality - Garen is an honest mer; he believes in justice and fighting for what's right. That being said, circumstances have left him rather bitter. He can be snappy and snarky, especially to those he judges "stupid". However, he is not an elven supremacist anymore, and anyone with a quick mind and a good heart can earn his respect. When he's in a rare good mood, he reveals his kind side, and maybe even his sense of humor.

Backstory - Garendar was born in 2E 556, the third son of an upper-middle-class Altmer family living in the Summerset Isles. As a child, he clearly demonstrated the Altmer tendencies towards magic, learning, and arrogance. Unfortunately, he could never quite get his head around the complicated social rituals that are a hallmark of Altmeri culture. One particularly disastrous dinner party in his late teens alienated many promising contacts.

With no other options for education, Garendar's parents decided to resort to Aunt Mordana. Mordana was the black sheep of the family, whose home was the Arbor, a small estate outside the village of Kastollus in northern Cyrodiil, with her husband Sylas Taranau, a dunmer ex-adventurer. There was no denying that she was a talented mage, and, despite Garendar's protests, he was soon aboard a boat for the mainland.

When Garendar arrived, he discovered that he was not to be the only student: Mordana and Sylus had a penchant for taking in misfits and training them. His abrasive (read: racist) attitude repelled the others at first, particularly a fiery Breton battlemage-to-be named Llyn.

However, as time passed, Garen (as his uncle called him) began to change. He discovered a penchant for restoration magic, and (after an embarrassing incident where Llyn saved him from wolves) asked Sylus to teach him hand-to-hand combat. He gradually came to respect his peers as they assisted him in his studies, and began to integrate more into the village community. After two years, Garen was an accepted part of the Arbor's family, and cared deeply about his friends and relatives. He had even grown quite close to Llyn, although neither was keen on admitting it.

Unfortunately, Garen's parents recalled him to the Isles, believing that too much time with the "inferior" races would be dangerous. (They didn't know that they were already too late). In an effort to convince him to stay, Mordana offered him a permanent post as a healer in Kastollus, but Garen felt obligated to obey his parents.

He returned to the Isles with a heavy heart, not keen on his prepared occupation (archivist) or the announcement of his arranged marriage. He tried to do as his parents asked, but after about a week at home he finally snapped when one of his brothers made a disparaging remark about the races of man. After a serious fight, Garen left home for the last time and didn't look back.

He returned to his aunt, accepted the position, and declared his love to Llyn. He was 22, and the year was 2E 578. What followed was one perfect month of peace, tranquility, and happiness.

Then a dark anchor landed.

Fire spread across the arbor. Daedra began attacking anyone in sight. Mordana and Sylus made a heroic last stand to protect their students. Garen and Llyn fled for the local Imperial Barracks, only to find them empty. They were caught unawares by a dremora, who stabbed Llyn before either of them could act. Garen's restoration magic failed him, and Llyn died in his arms. In his mind, that was the night that he became a Soulless One.

(Note: I don't know that much about the whole "Soulless One" deal, so I'm taking it to mean that his soul was stolen that night, and that he has only recently escaped/been freed by Molag Bal.)

Lifestyle - Garen now lives as an adventurer, wandering through the Dominion. He earns his keep in each town by healing and collecting bounties. Occasionally he'll stop to right a wrong, but he rarely stays in one place for any length of time. He hates Molag Bal almost beyond reckoning, and is struggling desperately to find a way to take back his soul.

Best Memory - The month with Llyn after he returned to the Arbor.

Worst Memory - The destruction of the Arbor by a dark anchor.

Skills - Healing, combat with a one-handed sword, armor smithing, some destruction spells.

Challenges for the Character - Garen is trying to overcoming his inherent racism and judgmental tendencies. He's made great strides, but he still comes off as rude to most strangers.
He also struggles in his relationship with other High Elves. He doesn't dislike the Dominion as a concept, but Altmeri culture has become to restrictive for him. It doesn't help that he's alienated his only living family. He'll have to return to the Isles someday, but he's putting it off as long as possible.

Birthsign - The Mage

Religious Views - Garen believes in the Divines, specifically the Altmeri pantheon, although he's a bit disappointed with them at the moment.

Politics Views - He's weary of fighting, and is not keen to acknowledge that the war will continue until there is a victory. He supports the Dominion more out of habit than anything else. In his mind, the Daggerfall Covenant would not produce terrible emperors, but the violence and ferocity of the Ebonheart Pact leaves him suspicious.

(Well, there you go- tall, dark and angsty. And he won't be my only PC. What do you think?)

(P.S. Kastollus is a totally made-up town, since using any actual towns would screw with canon.)
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