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Garick Chjorn

Started by Sarin strdr
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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant
Firstname - Garick
Surname - Chjorn
Title - Snow Skin
Sex - male
Race - Nord
Age - 28 2E 597
Occupation - Clansmen
Faction - N/A
Appearance - A larger sized nord with pale white skin cold to the touch. Red hair touched by frost. scars run across his body from battles past. his left eye appears to be frozen solid. Left eye is white the other is a grey colour. he wears only a furs for warmth.
Personality - isolated and doesn`t talk much to people spending most of his time in the northern wilds.
Social Background/Backstory - he is a clansmen from a small settlement in the ice fields of Skyrim.
Best Memory - first kill.
Worst Memory - you asking him to many question
Skills - he excels at a great many things to survive in the harsh climate of his home.(he is strong and swift for his size, skilled with axes, hammers, cleavers, light and heavy armor though he doesn't use them much, archery and is a decent smith.)
Challenges for the Character - he is not very fond of elves or any race for that matter. hunting in the north pillaging the south and being down right ruthless.
Birthsign - Warrior
Religious Views - he serves no gods and cares for none who do.
Political views - He knows not of the worlds problems and cares not for them he sides with no one and considers himself the king of his own province.
Weapon - he carries a hunting bow, large meat cleaver, and a great hammer with a axe blade on the back, and a wooden shield.
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