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Garion the Nightingale (An Alt character)

Started by Manarax
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Faction & Race:
Ebonheart Pact (Dunmer)
First name - Garion
Surname - Kristo
title - The Nightingale
Sex -Male
Age - 30
Race - Breton
Occupation - Bard by day Thief by night
Faction - DC
Appearance - 5'7" 165lbs Red hair (denoting some Nordic ancestry), Medium build physically, with strength evident, but not exceptional. Hawk like nose that twitches occasionally. Piercing black eyes that seem to see through to your soul. Wears Mithril chainmail when in the wild, but otherwise usually dressed in nice expensive clothing, with a nice rapier at his side. Usually has a well maintained but older guitar strapped to his back. Tends to wear blue in his color choices.
Personality - Friendly and outgoing, always smiling and tends to sing and play softly when bored. Loves the game of haggling and when getting into a negotiation his nose tends to twitch.
Social Background/Back story - Raised in a merchant family, he was gifted with two great skills. On one hand he was a skilled haggler and gifted at the art of deal-making. On the other hand he was also gifted with an excellent singing voice. At the age of ten his father sent him to the Bards college in Solitude where he spent the next eight years. It was there that he was first given the nickname of The Nightingale. When he returned he worked with his father and mother for a few years in their jewelry store. Also during this time he played in the local tavern.
At an early age he had always liked to sneak up on the other kids and was always stealing pastries from his mothers kitchen. As he got older he found he was also good at lockpicking. The thieving is almost never for profit, he just likes the challenge. He's too smart and has a conscience that prevents him from stealing from anyone who isn't extremely wealthy. Plus they don't give the best challenge.
For the past eight years he has traveled and sought new challenges. Although he has been caught a few times, he has thus far been successful at bribing his way out of the trouble.
Best Memory - Graduating from the Bards College
Worst Memory - The first time he got caught stealing.
Skills - Singing playing the guitar, thieving and stealth. Also exceptional at fast talking and haggling, and business. Basically he can spot an opportunity. Competent with a rapier, but not exceptional.
Weaknesses - Outside of social places he is at a loss. Also a bit overconfident and can sometimes be a bit of a braggart. This has gotten him in trouble on a few occasions.
Challenges for the Character - He wants to be the best. The problem is he want's to be the best at so much he isn't likely to succeed often.
Birthsign - Haven't decided yet.
Religious Views - actually worships Nocturnal (ironically, since he isn't actually a member of the Nightingales), but pretends to be a worshiper of the eight.

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Dzwol shâsotkun.
Shâsotjontû châtsatul nu tyûk.
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