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Garren Grey

Started by Guardian
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Aldmeri Dominion (Altmer)
Hello people of TESOF. This will be my first (and possibly only) character bio. Constructive criticism is welcomed. I plan to use this character for role playing and I hope to make some stories about him as well.

Name: Garren Grey (he refers to himself as Grey)

Title: The Grey One

Sex: Male

Race: Altmer with some Breton ancestry

Born: 16th of Sun’s Dusk, 2E 493 (age at the time of ESO - about 88)

Occupation: Knowledge Collector

Faction: none (if forced to choose) Aldmeri Dominion

Appearance: Garren has the look of a young high elf with pale skin and reddish-orange eyes. His short black hair is combed towards the back of his head. He also has a thin goatee that covers the tip of his round chin. Garren is shorter than the average Altmer and also has a slightly bulkier build thanks to his long travels in his heavy armor.

Garren wears a quicksilver chest/back plate over his hardened leather coat. He also has a pair of steel and leather gauntlets, as well as his steel toed and shinned boots. Garren’s most important possession is his steel mask, because it keeps his face covered when the sun is out.

Personality: Garren prefers to be alone, so as not to provoke his thirst for blood. This has made him somewhat of an outcast, making it difficult to converse with anyone. For those who meet him he appears arrogant and somewhat rude, but to him he is just being strait forward.

Likes: Dark caves, enchantments, and useful knowledge

Hates: Ignorance, unfairness, and sunlight

Skills: Garren has a firm grasp in the magical arts, specializing in shock spells, bound weaponry, and wards. He also has the ability to absorb most spells (hostile or otherwise) into his own pool of magicka.

Challenges: As a vampire Garren is weakened by the sun and has a constant thirst for blood that he tries to quench by feeding on animals and bandits. He also cannot self-regenerate magicka making him vulnerable when he runs out of magic for he does not carry any physical weapons, except his steel fists and vampiric strength. Garren also tires quickly on account of his lack of physical training and heavy armor.

Birth-sign: The Atronach

Religious View: “The Aedra ignore us, the Daedra despise us, and neither shall here my prayer.” Garren has no trust for Daedra but has had a few dealings with them in the past. As for the Aedra or “The Divine” Garren feels that if they truly care for the mortals who worship them, why do they stand idly by while Tamriel is being ravaged by war and chaos?

Political View: “There is no such thing as a truthful politician.” While Garren lived in the Imperial city he learned that the dealings of politics are composed of lies, scandals and corruption.

Background: Born in the Imperial City, Garren was raised by his mother, a dedicated healer, and his father, a member of the Mages Guild whom he seldom seen. Whenever his father returned home he would teach Garren new spells, beginning with the novice ones at age seven, to more adept spells at age seventeen. Two years later his father went on another one of his trips across Tamriel, but this time he didn’t come back. Garren kept practicing the spells he had learned to keep himself busy, but his mother grew depressed. After five years stricken with grief, Garren’s mother passed away, her body was cremated. Garren kept a silver amulet with some of her ashes inside it. A few weeks later, Garren sold his family’s house and used the coin to buy supplies, armor, and other miscellaneous items. He wanted travel Tamriel like his father once did and while doing so maybe find out what happened to him.

Days later Garren was lost, tired, and hungry while walking through the countryside in the rain. His only desire was shelter, food, and rest. He later happened upon a cave and stayed there for the night. The next morning he felt a strange cut on his neck but thought nothing of it. After three days of intense pain Garren collapsed to the ground. He awoke at night and felt strange, as though something dark had just entered into his very being. The next morning Garren felt weak, he assumed it was just sleep deprivation on his journey and thought little of it. A few days later he entered a town and found the townspeople staring at him for some reason. As he walked further through the town more and more people started to stare at him until he heard a woman scream “VAMPIRE!” All of a sudden people were running away in fear. At that moment a few large men started coming closer with weapons raised. Garren ran as fast as he could to get away from the panic, and didn’t stop until he reached a small pond. He knelt down and saw his reflection, that’s when he noticed his reddish-orange eyes, the eyes of a vampire.

Garren’s story has now begun.
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