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Genesis - Dafferfall Covenant - Hardcore - Non-roleplay

Started by Atra Seventree
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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant (Breton)
A multi-leader guild
Daggerfall Covenant
North American (24/7 guild with main events favoring GMT-7 times)
PvE, PVP, Crafting, Social, Hardcore/Casualcore, Non-Roleplay

We are an ESO dynasty with the same intentions of every other guild (PVE, PVP, crafting, etc.), however, we are a non-roleplaying group that plans on being very involved with the ESO community. If we were not involved with the ESO community, we would just be another guild. We are the hardcore/casualcore guild that you have been waiting for that is very social and vocal. We want all of our members names known, so that when PvP comes, EP and AD come for us.

This is currently are grassroots/alpha project. There will be a few changes mid-way. Change happens. We are in the process of great things and our focus is intense. Not only do we want a AAA guild, but we want the emperor to come from us. What we need are members who have intent like us which is:

- being the first to learn mechanics.

- be the first on top of new content

- do everything in our own social characters.

- be on top of crafting markets.

- be elite; not elitists. We will raise the proper future emperors.

- 1 guild only. Trust in us, and we will return it.

We are initially aiming for a solid English speaking base right now. Its hard to establish and get comfortable with barriers in the way. The plan for our guild is to basically run 24/7. Raids/events with require large amounts of participation will be based on North American times, however, those will not be the primary times for everything (as a leader im GMT-7, but play at wonky hours that favour Asian/European prime times). Things will be done at all times with multiple leaders overseeing multiple events.

There is no one leader, but joint leadership. Everyone can be a leader if they chose to be one. We have no silly councils, nor will we give you a silly title. All we ask is that you have a casual drink with us over Skype every now and then.

Again, this is just our initial start up phase. We are in the process of starting up multiple forms of communication such as a website, smart phone apps (Kik, Touch) as well as vocal programs such as TeamSpeak, Skype and Vent.

What we are currently looking for are the leader type of people who want to partake in this dynasty with us. As we get closer to launch, more and more guilds are forming. However, quality > quantity, and we are the quality. Our vision of a leader is one that feels that they are not entitled to anything due to leadership status, but is more of the “giver” type, and can be looked upon to other members as knowledgable. With this said, we wont turn down those who just want to be members right now, so dont feel like we expect you to be a leader.

We feel a lot of the good MMO players are holding back just for the fact that nothing has caught their interest yet, due to the mass amount of RP guilds out there as well as the guilds that are well, just another guild. We will always be here. Will the other guilds?

So if you are interested in being part of our DC mullet group (business front, party in the back), send me a PM or reply here.

Thanks for your time.

(pending edits incoming for text structure when more free time is available)
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