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Genesis Outbreak-[Xbox One]
Genesis Outbreak-[Xbox One]

Quick Info
System : Xbox One
Faction : Aldmeri Dominion
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP, Roleplay, Social
Time Zone : North America
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by oneShadow9.
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About Genesis Outbreak-[Xbox One]
Main Members List
Our goal is simple. To put our queen on the throne in Cyrodil, even if it means tearing Tamriel down brick by brick. We will begin a new era for the people of Aldmeri. A new beginning. A new Genesis

Our guild will be open to all races of the AD. All styles of play are welcome however our main focus will be raiding and pvp. This is a guild of equal oppurtunities, you can rise as high in the ranks as you want if you work hard enough.

If you are interested in joining please fill out the simple application on our guild website. Your application will be reviewed within 24 hours of submission and a decision will be made.

Guild Ranks:

Guild Master- The leader of the guild

Protege- Second in command of the Guild, becoming the Protege requires that you are elected to the council,the 5 members of the council will choose the protege from amongst themselves.

Council Members- Their will be 5 council members(one of these being the protege), they will be elected by the members of the guild and will help the Guild Master to make major decisions as it pertains to the furthering of our endeavors of conquest.

Blade Master- Leader of the Genesis Warriors, muat have maxed one or two-hand skill, and light, heavy armor skill of atleast 50. Will be chosen through 1 on 1 battles between Genesis Warriors who meet the aforementioned criteria. Strongest of the Genesis warriors will be named Blade Master.

Archmage- Leader of the Genesis Magus, must have atleast one magic skill maxed and the rest atleast level 50. Chosen in the same fashion as the Blade Master.

Master Archer- Leader of the Genesis Rogues, must have maxed archery skill, and a level 50+ sneak, one-hand. Chosen in the same fashion as the Blade Master. The Master archer will be needed in the main field of battle so for this reason he cannot be a member of Requiem.

Requiem- This group will be made up of the best of the Genesis Rogues. They are a special-ops team that will carry out assassinations and other task that require stealth. In order to be a member of Requiem you must have maxed Archery and sneak and a one-hand level of atleast 70.

Genesis Warriors/Magus/Rogues- The main body of our family, this rank is perhaps the most important as it will make up the vast majority of our members. They are nothing short of the life of the guild.

The rules are simple
-Be Respectful and Mature (dont care about age as long as you're mature)
-Be active anyone inactive for more than 30 consecutive days will get the boot
-HAVE FUN! whether you decide to raid, pvp, craft, whatever you're into just remember this is a game so enjoy it
-Absolutely NO discussion of the following in the guild chat- Religion, Politics, Sexual Orientation- i don't care what religion you are what party you agree with or your sexual preference as far as im concerned a persons a person but these topics often lead to heated arguements.
******This List Will Be Updated As New Members Join**********
Guild Master- One Shadow
Protege- **Will be chosen after beta***
Council Members-***Will be chosen after beta***
Blade Master-
Master Archer-

Genesis Warriors
Genesis Magus
Genesis Rogues

Requiem- Even when the members are chosen they're names will be kept a secret due to their jobs
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Lets combine guilds check out our website
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