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Giaus Cassius of Eastmarch and The Ruby Throne Part I

Started by Theodyne Robillard
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Giaus Cassius of Eastmarch and The Ruby Throne Part I

It was too be a long journey home with their new Imperial in tow. Captain Giaus Cassius still unconscious from complete exhaustion aided by the spell Alator placed upon the young boy. They still didn't know enough about to him to know whether or not he was dangerous.

Giaus, or Cassius as him men had called him, lay on a horse drawn cart, The Council of Arcanea had bandaged his wounds the best as they could. The left side of his body from hip to hairline was covered in horrible burns. The smell of charred flesh stung the nostrils. His eye patch had also been partially burnt to which his new hosts had fashioned him a new one out of brown leather straps. He lay on his back deep in the darkest corners of his mind where he unwillingly played out the past events that led to his injuries as well as the destruction of his men.

"HOLD THE LINE! WE MUST HOLD AT ALL COSTS!" shouted Captain Cassius. 'WE GIVE NO GROUND, WE GIVE NO MERCY! SEND THESE FILTHY DAEDRA BACK TO WHEREVER IN THE NAME OF THE DIVINES THEY CAME FROM!" his cries of motivation swam through the veins of his men as he bolstered them into believing in a victory that was impossible.

But not impossible for Captain Giaus Cassius of the 12th Imperial Legion. When Emperor Savirien-Chorak had been assassinated under his watch, he took it more than personal. He was a Captain of the 12th Imperial Legion as his father was before him, but he was no ordinary man. He was a Dragon Knight. He had been selected at birth, as all who answered the call of the Dragon Knight. Deep within his veins ran the blood of the dragons of old. While he was not like the Dragonborn of legends he could not summon the mighty Thu'um, but he could still call upon the power of the dragons.

Daedric warriors clad in armor marched ever closer to his position. As fortified as he and his men were, there was no avoiding bloodshed. It was without a doubt in his mind he knew it. Men would die this day. He turned his head slowly towards his men and could see the nervousness deep within each of them. None of them were cowards, and they would all give their lives if need be, but none of them had ever faced what lay before them on this dark day. Cassius raised his head towards the sky and watched as each anchor poured from the sky and crashed into the soil and stone of The Imperial City. He could here the impact of those he could not see and he could feel the ground tremble beneath him.

He drew his sword and grasped it tightly in his right hand. He thrust it high into the air and the blade burst into flames. He started off at a slow trot and then burst into full speed. He was running head on into a group of Daedric warriors at least 20 strong. He lept into the air and it seemed as if he sprouted wings dripping with fire as he landed in the midst of the enemy. Swinging his sword in every direction, dismembering head from shoulders, the Daedra started to fall one by one, turning into a pile of ash as they hit the ground. He could hear his men behind him, the clanging of swords; the dull, loud, thump of steel striking against a wooden shield. He tried to block out the sound of steel severing limbs and the sound of bones cracking from the blunt force of hammer and mace alike, but it was these sounds he heard above all else. He turned to look at the state of his soldiers and was frozen with horror at what he saw. He witnessed as his men were cut down without mercy. But even worse they were changing some of them. Their bodies, and armor, began to contort and morph shape. It almost didn't seem real to watch it happen. They were being turned into something else. The Daedra was BUILDING an army out of men.

Cassius snapped out of it when he felt a tremor in the ground beneath him. He turned around in time to catch a Daedroth's claw clean across his face, knocking him to the ground. The blow caused his head to bounce off the stone street with such force that his helm flew right off his head. He looked up at the menacing Daedroth that stood before him as it wretched it's body upward and screamed into the sky. With one deep breath, the Daedroth opened it's jowls and produced a large spray of fire from its gut setting Cassius on fire. Cassius writhed on the ground in pain until he passed out. And when he awoke, he was staring strangers in the face. Men he had never seen before.

Who are you sir? Where do you come from? For whom do you fight for? Alator asked.

Cassius managed to answer before falling back into darkness. His injuries were severe and his pain even greater. But the things he knew about days to come was unlike anything even Alator himself had ever encountered......

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