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Gilded Knights of Alinor

Quick Info
System : PC/Mac
Faction : Aldmeri Dominion
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP, Roleplay, Crafting
Time Zone : North America

Guild submitted by GLBChroi.
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About Gilded Knights of Alinor
We will be a large team-based guild for mature players who are looking to have fun and do well in the game.

Our goals at launch will be two-fold:
Exploration and advancement, which is to say, many of our players will devote themselves to going out into the world to discover what it has to offer, such as hidden skill lines (such as the Vampire and Werewolf lines), star shards, crafting resources, dungeons, mundus stones, and quests. This knowledge will then be shared with the guild at large so everyone can benefit and advance.

The second goal at launch will be to build our economic worth through crafting. To this end, we are looking at having several dedicated crafters who want to master two of the available trees so as to maximize the number of quality goods we have available, which can be bought by our guild members and traded to other guilds through the guild auction house. Resources found by our exploration teams can then be traded to our crafters either in exchange for discounts or for money to add the guild bank, depending on what services the bank can afford the guild.

Once we have sufficient members who are both high-leveled and well-equipped, as a guild we will then engage in large-scale AvA (though we're definitely not saying you can't before this point, as more experience can only be a benefit), with the objectives of capturing keeps, stealing Elder Scrolls, and ultimately (and hopefully) leading the charge on the main faction keeps themselves and even the Imperial City itself when the chance arrives.

As of right now, we do not have any requirements beyond the following:
Don't be a "dick"
Be respectful to your fellow guild members (unless they are being dicks)
Be mature
Try to be consistent; I understand that school, marriage, and jobs limit your available time to play, but members who are frequently inactive for periods longer than 4 days without justifiable reason will likely be booted to make more room for more dedicated potential members (assuming, of course, we get to be as popular as I'm hoping).

Oh, and about the RP-ing thing:
You certainly don't have to indulge in RP (just please don't be disrespectful to them until they get reeeally annoying). We're looking to find some kind of middle-ground here, nobody has to go speaking Shakespeare or anything (that's not even in the lore, people, they speak like we do but with different swear words, you s'wits). It's just for fun, and I'd like to have in-toon meetings with our members at a common location (until they install guild halls, which I'm quite hoping they do), even if it isn't completely necessary, because it just feels more personal when you can see your fellow members and associate a place as something like "home base". Nobody will be forced to RP if they don't want to and no RP-ers should be pressuring others to do so, if they do then you can message me or someone else in the Guild leadership and we'll talk to them.
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