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Gilded Reavers [Daggerfall Covenant] [XBOX ONE] [Endgame PVE/PVP] [US]

Started by Turoc
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[Image: v6n95s.png]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Focus: Adventure Zones & Organized PvP
System: Xbox One

[Image: 118lnvb.png]
The Mission of the Gilded Reavers is timely accomplishment of challenging end game content and competitive success against the other factions. We will accomplish this through coordination, teamwork, and a common drive to succeed in order to excel at and enjoy Elder Scrolls Online.

[Image: 28hn49w.png]
• End-Game Progression/Adventure Zones
• Competitive Team-Focused PvP
• Crafting – Crafters of all professions welcome

[Image: 160o281.png]
• Players focused on teamwork and achieving goals
• Players willing to invest time into self-improvement, both in practice and through other resources
• Players whose main goal is to have fun, but are further energized through success and accomplishment

[Image: huli5z.png]
• Experienced Mature Leadership
• Regularly Scheduled Guild Events (PvP & Raiding)
• Member Development
• A Positive Team-Focused Gaming Environment

Playing the game can be taught, but personality can't. If you are worried about applying due to lack of MMO experience, don't be. Our leadership has years of competitive MMO experience and openly accepts the role of teaching members. If you have a team-based attitude and are willing learn there is a spot for you in Gilded Reavers.

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Still looking for players with endgame PVE and/or PVP goals! More importantly, we're recruiting friendly and fun Xbox players who value teamwork above all else. Let's make the Covenant proud.
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Join us today in party chat as we watch the PTS Craglorn competition and learn some more about the guild!
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Ebonheart Pact
Not Set
I was looking through the guild recruitment page and came across you guys. This guild is the first DC guild i have found that seems to have a good community and structure. I was wondering if i might be able to join. I plan to play as a sneaky dual axe wielding breton. Message me back if you were to accept me.

"All that oppose us will fall to the Blade!"
Galden Stone-Fist
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