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Got an NDA that defines your weekend? Join the club.

Started by Quin Draco
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As some of you might have cause to talk to other people who have agreed to a NDA we will be attempting to get everyone on Raid Call who would like to participate. For those of us not bound by NDA's we can hang out and be sad in another channel. This will be a bit of an experiment because although the RC server is up and running I am not familiar with RC at all (as in logged in once) and I will possibly be the only Admin available. So please bear with me as far as that goes. I will try and make myself available throughout the day tomorrow to get people registered. If you want to pm me with any scheduling concerns or questions please feel free. I will make posts on this thread as any schedule over the weekend becomes more clear.

The Raid Call room address is 5743565 You can download RC and enter the room here

I look forward to meeting some of you tomorrow. -Or tonight as I might be lingering and you might have initiative.



P.S. This is technically an AD server but as long as there is room (I think it holds hundreds so no real issue) no one will be turned away.

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