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Started by heitor
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I fought against Akavir evasion 50 years ago. I saw with my own eyes, blood and pain. I felt the fear and only my sword and shield could protect me agaisnt my enemies. I saw my son, the day you born. In the time you brought sadness and make my heart being empty, because the same day you born, the same day your mother died. But I never forgot her last words.

"He will be the proof of our love Golan. Please, take care of him for me, my love. Please, we will see again, and will be together some day. But now is not that day, my dear. I love you and I will be there watching you and see our son growing stronger and happy because of you. I... trust you. You are the best thing that happened in my life."

My son, now I can see... You brought more hapiness than I thought, I was just blind. You know... The mountais I walked with my army. The fights we won, I was waiting for you to come to this world. Now, that I'm leaving this world, because now, I'm old, I want... I want you to bring honor to our family. Sorry, I couldn't save your mother, sorry, Tyrinea, my love. I failed you... I failed you both, I couldn't save you and I couldn't give the love to our son properly.

Golan closed his eyes.

Father... Father - Gozuskan yells with hope to wake him. - Nooo!!!!!!!

With tears in his eyes, the only thing he could see was vengeance. He took the sword and the shield of his father. In the middle of the

field of the war, he saw the imperials fighting agaisnt his brothers and sisters. He saw the responsable of his father's death. He smilled

to him and ran away with his horse.

Gozuskan ran to an imperial with a horse, with only vengeance in his mind, he could kill the imperial and took his horse. He started riding

that horse to catch the imperial that was responsable for his father's death. When the Imperial looked back and saw Gozuskan, he stopped.

Imperial - So, you, are here to trying to kill me?

Gozuskan without give any answer, dismounted, and walked to that imperial. He took the sword (that was from his father) and fought agaisnt the imperial.

His enemy was very skilled, with no love.

Imperial - Are you really trying to kill me? Ahahah - Slapped Gozuskan's face

Gozuskan fell.

Imperial - Get up, I'm not wasting my time with some kid unskilled, get up and show me what you got. Or are you afraid?

Gozuskan looked to his eyes, he was enraged, then it came to his mind all the times he passed with his father, since his childhood.

"Gozuskan - Hahah, dis is a swod. Papa's swod, and I'm gonna play with dat.
Golan - No, wait. Leave that. - He saw his son with a sad face - Hm, ok, you want a sword?
Gozuskan - Yess.
Golan - Then come with me.

In the end of the day Gozuskan was playing with a wood sword made by his father."

Gozuskan - Do you really love somebody?
Imperial - What you mean?
Gozuskan - I asked you, do you really love somebody?
Imperial - I'm a soldier, I love my sword and licking the blood of my enemies.
Gozuskan - I knew it, loving some object isn't love somebody, today you won't get any blood to lick, only yours.
Gozuskan ran to the Imperial so fast and swing his sword, penetrating the sword on the neck of his enemy.
Imperial - How?... How could you...?
Gozuskan - I did for my father. Only loving your sword was the reason of your death.

"On the sunset of some day, after Gozuskan trained hard to get better with his sword, his father showed up.

Golan - Hey son.
Gozuskan - Hi father.
Golan - I see, you got one more day on training on the sword.
Gozuskan - Why father? The forge needs my help too?
Golan - Ah no - Answer laughing - I can do the job for myself.
Gozuskan - But father you are old, you have sure that you can do it? I'm young, I have strength and I'm healthy.
Golan - I know, I know, but only because you are young, it doens't mean you shouldn't do what you like.
Gozuskan - Father...
Golan - Son, this night I had a dream.
Gozuskan - About what?
Golan - About some beautiful lady, you didn't knew. She appeared dressed like an angel. Damn, she is an angel.
Gozuskan - She said something?
Golan - No, but I felt her feelings.
Gozuskan - What feelings?
Golan - Well, its a bit hard to explain you know... What should I say? Its been for a long time.
Gozuskan - Is that feelings you had with that angel, you felt with mom?
Golan - Well, son, its time to go home. Well, I need to get some rest, I'm really tired and you should go too.

Gozuskan - Then I went to a conclusion that angel was my mom."

After the war, all the corpses of the fallen warriors were on the field, so much death, so much souls lost. So much... sorrow.
Gozuskan could make a decent grave for his father.

Gozuskan - Father, the day I will come back to see your grave, I'll have fullfiled my wishes, I will be back as a true Nord and I will bring honor to our family. I will use your sword and your shield, even if its an old blade, to honor your presence. Thanks father for all you could gave me and thanks mother for bring me to this world. You all will be in my heart forever.

In the following day, he started his journey and joined to Ebonheart pact because he feels there is hope and he wants to be a warrior, he wants to feel he was one of the reasons that gave peace to Tamriel once again.

Sorry if there is alot grammar errors and for this being a text wall. Certainly I need to do some fixes to some words/phrases and to the story itself. But I hope you enjoyed, this will be my second character a Male Nord, Templar. That will have heavy armor and with his father's soul will fighting against his enemies and recover his soul that Molag bal stole from him in the process. Thank for reading btw, I hope you liked.
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This is more of a story than a bio, it doesn't explain much about him other than he's a Nord, his name is Gozuskan and he joined the ebonheart pact and a backstory.

The Kynaran Order
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Well, still something :) but ill try to make a new text, where it says his bios.
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