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Grimmjow the Hunter

Started by grimmjow
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Faction & Race:
Ebonheart Pact (Dunmer)
Firstname - Grimmjow
Surname -
Title - The hunter , wolfbane
Sex - male
Age - 22
Occupation - woodsman , ebonheart engineer
Faction - Ebonheart pact
Appearance - Tall , lean and muscular, light blue eyes , black braided hair , pale skin, scar over one eye.
Personality - quiet , reserved
Social Background/Backstory - born in dragon bridge , taught to hunt from the age of 7, honing his skills in the nearby woods , supplying food for the 4 shields tavern. caught lycanphropy after an encounter with a werewolf near Fort Hraggstad. using his new powers and keeping them a secret he became reknown as the best hunter in Haafingar. has recently enrolled in the ebonheart army where he has become skilled with siege warfare.

"I mostly deal with petty thievery and drunken brawls. Been too long since we've had a good bandit raid."
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