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Guards of the East
Guards of the East

Quick Info
System : PC/Mac
Faction : Ebonheart Pact
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvP
Time Zone : Europe

Guild submitted by NordicHero117.
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About Guards of the East
Main Requirements to Join Lore
The Guards of the East is a guild of warriors,mages,assassins,thieves and Templars who wish to guard their homelands in the east whilst pushing back the forces of the Aldmeri Dominion and Daggerfall Covenant. We value honnor, Loyalty, bravery, brotherhood and noble acts. We punish cowards and reward the strong, brave and dead. We worship Talos, Arkay, Akatosh and Stendarr.

We have the strength of a bear, the speed of a hawk, the wisdom of Hermaeus Mora, the battle fury of a dragon and we are infinite as the void.
We move as one, or not at all.

Tamriel will come to fear us, you will shiver as you hear our name. You shall freeze and burn as your life slips away at the points of our blades.

You will learn that we herald doom too our foes, and so you will learn to run,
but you will not get far as we track you down and strike you down with our warm blood covered hands!
1. You must have a rough idea about what your doing

2. Your name must be Lore friendly no "Elfdestroyer69"

3. You must be able to understand the English Language

4. You must be mostly mature, (we will have some fun events), age doesn't matter.

5. You must understand what RP is and be in character 85-99% of the time

6. You must be happy to target High Elves (Altmer)

7. You must Know the propper names for races, For Example High Elves -Altmer and Dark elves -Dunmer
Orcs will still be called orcs.

8. You must be online as much as possible though if like me you go to bording school i fully understand,
(Most fun stuff will happen in major holidays with about two weeks warning!)
The founder of our guild was Known As Stiv The Snow Hammer, he Came to Tamriel on the Same ship as Ysgramor and was among the first Nords to set foot in Tamriel. As a boy He was a close friend to Ysgramor and often played together imagining that they were conquering a far of land. It Was not until the civil war started when they were older that they realized that this probably would happen. After settling in the city of Saarthal and befriending the snow elves he led a happy life and even found the girl of his dreams. Unfortunately the girl was a Snow elf called Aslief and due too a growing tension between Men and Elves Ysgramor Banished him from Saarthal whilst he snow elves did the same to Aslief. They fled together to the Land known as Blackmarsh where they had Fourteen Sons and Six daughters whose names are not known.

When Stiv heard that Saarthal had been sacked he felt no pity for Ysgramor for his loss but he did pity the other residences who had lost their lives. When he heard that Ysgramor had returned with an army to take revenge on the elves, Stiv took his sons and returned to Skyrim where he persuaded a few Elves to flee to Blackmarsh where they found a huge cavern and made a small village.
Soon they heard that the Snow elves of Skyrim had been wiped-out and the survivors had fled to the dwemer.

The small village flourished in secret and soon it was a small town in a cavern. Though slowly you heard reports of the violence of the Nords Conquests and the People of the town realized they must act. So they made a secret guild to protect the east from the rest of the lands while the Nords have their little conquest in the protected East.

And ever since then they have dedicated their lives to protect the east, and all the descendants of Stiv have the cold blood of Snow elves running through their veins giving them longer lives than most Nords. A generation after Stiv their cavern collapsed killing many but a few survived, they went into the cities and recruited, and soon the Guards of the East became a well know guild. But they are always led by a direct descendant of Stiv and Aslief.

Now we must recruit more members than ever before to deal with the oncoming storm and the approaching forces of Oblivion!
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