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Guild allies and rivals

Started by Roflwaffleauthoritah
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Do you think they could add a system that allows your guild to make alliances with others which could open up trade and help in cyrodil? On the other hand do you think it is possible to have a guild rivals system where you compete against your rival guild to do the best in cyrodil and you get some bonuses for performing better? I think it'd be fitting for DC because high rock and hammerfell are quite unstable with different factions and city states trying to become the dominant power of their respective provinces. However it could have some balance issues...

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They might, but you can also join up to 5 guilds so maybe not the trade thing

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You can already do that. Though it's not an official game feature the leaders of the guilds can arrange alliances and deliver items to one another though you have to coordinate that stuff yourself and same goes for rivalling other guilds, it's not forced but the guild leader can decide to rival another guild.

You really don't need a system to do that but it's up to the guild leader what actions the guild does like make alliances and enemies. The trade thing might be a little harder to do but it's quite possible to have a guild member(s) run supplies and such back and forth between guilds.

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