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Started by Amgrim
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Hi all.
My name is Amgrim, 25 year old lad from Norway, fairly new to TES, but willing to learn, adapt and explore!

Im looking for a semi/hardcore military RP Group within TESO (PC), and I wonder if some of you can help me out.
I've been searching around alittlebit, and I found this group called:
"The Cobalt Cloaks". Is this still active, and is this a group you would recommend, or do you know about other groups that would fill my interests?

Pre-History of me (reallife person within gamers world).

Experience: Played ARMA3 with military realism units, so ranks, CoC and orders are not new to me.
Gametime: In ARMA3, I have around 1400hours, but would like to try a different game, therefor TESO. As you might understand, I have the time to play!
Why me?: I am a player who are looking for the best ingame experience, aswell as get to know other players around the globe. As mentioned above, I am familiar with the roleplaying aspecter, and I adapt quickly and hopefully (:p) a fasttrack learner!
Servers: EU based servers.
Platform: PC.
Working mic?: YES.

Hope to hear from someone who can guide me in the right directions.

Best regards

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