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Guild Lore - Xboxone

Started by xX Techtris Xx
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The return of Lord Stormus

Back story of the Son’s of Summerset
By Kalaman Highwatch - (played by xX Techtris Xx)

Lord Aiden Stormus - (played by Venomous Voodoo)
Janthral - (played by ExplosivD1harea)
Elrond Nenmacil - (played by this is rocco)

1E 2913
The Summerset isles were in the midst of a horrible conflict with the attacking Sload, a giant humanoid slug like race that emerged from the Coral Kingdom. The sound of combat and the stench of death hung heavy in the air on the coasts of the elvin homeland. Tired and weak of spirit the Altmer held on for their lives and prayed to the eight for a hero. Auriel was listening and granted them their wish.
Lord Mithlian Stormus, half brother to King Hidellith stepped out from the luxuries of his royalty and into the champion that Summerset was bleeding for. Lord Stormus rallied the local farmers and townsmen to his estate south of Alinor, nestled against the mountains and sprawled out by the sea. There he built and designed the greatest military training compound that the Isles had ever seen. Lord Stormus created a militia force so effective that it cut into the Sload like salt. He marched his guild along the coastline under the banner “Son’s of Summerset” slaying the necromancers or chasing them out to sea.
The Son’s of Summerset restored the strength and vigor back into the hearts and minds of the Altmer. It was in this year that the mer of Summerset began to turn the War of the Uvichil back out toward the sea with their steadfast defense positions and precise naval counter attacks.
1E 2917
The Altmer rid themselves of the Sload and so ended the War of the Uvichil. Peace settled over the Isles like a delicate layer of dust. Lord Stormus hosted a festival on his land to celebrate their victory which lasted for one whole year. Fine wines and exquisite foods were served as the celebrations lasted well into each night lit up with bright displays of magika showmanship. The honored guests were of course the steadfast mer that fought so bravely with the Son’s of Summerset guild.
After the festivities faded and life went back to normal Lord Stormus found himself restless. With the Son’s of Summerset demobilized and the war fading into the past Lord Stormus found it difficult to settle back into his role with the royal family. He decided to travel to Valenwood to finally see Tamriel’s garden first hand in hopes that it would inspire him and let his mind rest.
1E 2919
Accompanied by his entourage Lord Stormus casually traveled over Valenwood. It was like nothing he had ever seen. What stood out to him most was the curious race of the Bosmer. He found them to be polite and most noble hosts. An ambassador representing the empire chauffeured Lord Stormus and his men presenting the rich history that the Bosmer had sewn into the mainland.
Lord Stormus made many friends amongst the Bosmer who helped him to find peace within himself and he was able to return to Summerset.
1E 2920
After the Morag Tong had assassinated king Reman Cyrodiil III the Bosmer fell into a panic. Tension began to grow between the Bosmer and the colovians to the north so they reached out to their Altmer connection for help. Lord Stormus offered help to the Bosmer the most effective way he could, he offered to train their military.
Bosmer soldiers arrived in waves to Lord Stormus’ estate for training. The compound used to rally the Son’s of Summerset was named “Camp Uvichil” in honor of the war it was created for.
2E 15
The Bosmer coming out of camp Uvichil were so impressive and deadly that king Hidellith requests his brother Mithlian to assemble the best of the best to act as his personal guard. Lord Stormus hand picks an elite force of Bosmer assassins to fulfil the king’s request and the Shadow Guard was born.
Rumors spread over Tamriel of king Hidellith’s new Shadow Guard and how anyone who aims malice toward the king will disappear and be devoured.
2E 268
A young Bosmer by the name of Janthral arrives at camp Uvichil for training. Lord Stormus was so impressed with Janthral’s grades and performance that he granted the brilliant mer with the title Chief executive officer of camp Uvichil. Janthral assumed the day to day responsibilities of the camp.
2E 271
Janthral insisted to Lord Stormus that they outsource their melee training to Redguard and Orc champions. Lord Stormus was met with heavy resistance when he presented this proposal to the throne but was able to persuade the king and his advisors. Janthral was awarded his Redguards and Orcs.
2E 273
The Altmer and Bosmer troops graduating from camp Uvichil are of some of the most deadly and effective elves in known history. The over confident mer whispered sweet nothings out to sea wishing that the Sload would return so they could spill their blood in fine combat. The Shadow Guard was revamped and Janthral was decorated by king Hidellith himself.
One Bosmer unit produced by the new hybrid training at camp Uvichil stood out from the rest. Elrond Nenmacil of Longvale was amongst the elite chosen to be in the king’s Shadow Guard.
2E 335
Elrond Nenmacil was promoted to captain of the Shadow Guard. Janthral had earned a special place amongst Lord Stormus’ estate and entourage. With the peace bolted down through military prowess and diplomacy with Valenwood this was a time of abundance for the elves.
2E 486
The elusive Maormer fleet was spotted sailing off the coast of the capital Alinor. King Hidellith sent the Altmer navy to chase the sea elves down and sink their mischief. Alas the Altmer navy was crushed and a lone flagship survived and returned to Alinor to tell the tale.
Hidellith cursed the scrolls of Praxis and fell into a deep depression. His brother Mithlian traveled from his country estate to Alinor to console and council the grieving king. Lord Thalmor helped Hidellith erect a memorial site “The Pyandonea promise” on his own Stormus land in honor of the lost navy.
The Pyandonea promise becomes a major pilgrimage site for Altmer mourners, priests and tourists alike. The site helps Hidellith regain his floundered reputation as king and he gives warm hearted credit to his half brother Lord Mithlian Stormus.
2E 556
One year after Princess Ayrenn, Master Aiden Stormus was born. His father Mithlian asked Janthral if he would do him the honor of being Master Aiden’s personal guard and mentor. Janthral was more than flattered and graciously accepted Lord Stormus’ proposal.
2E 561
The royal families vacationed often together. Ayrenn, her brother Naemon and their cousin Aiden would play in the forests and country homes. On more than one occasion Janthral had to discipline them for running and giggling through the drilling troops at camp Uvichil.
2E 563
Princess Ayrenn went missing on her way to the College of Aldmeri Propriety. A frantic search for the young girl was conducted by the royal family but she could not be found. The loss of the princess upset the royal family enough to open up weak spots.
For no reason other than gold and game the blood drunk Morag Tong infiltrated king Hidellith’s Shadow Guard and implanted a Bosmer agent within its ranks. Altmer secrets went on the black market all over Tamriel. Although this was incredibly profitable it wasn’t good even for the Tong, they wanted the kill.
The Morag Tong approached Jorunn the Nord prince with an offer to assassinate the Altmer king Hidellith. The young Nord was silently and easily persuaded on the idea of hurting the high elves and paid the Tong their gold.
Before the contract was able to be fulfilled Elrond Nenmacil captain of the Shadow Guard caught the assassin’s scent when a routine drill was slightly altered. The Morag Tong agent was revealed and the Shadow Guard chained him down in the dungeon and ate him alive. Losing their agent and missing the contract infuriated the Morag Tong.
2E 564
Not being able to get to the king several squads of vengeful Morag Tong guerillas slid in from the sea, at night onto Lord Stormus’ land. They razed “The Pyandonea promise” into a smoldering pile of rubble and slaughtered everyone who was at the site. Next the guerillas silently stormed camp Uvichil and murdered the unsuspecting recruits and trainers while they slept. Still early in the morning while camp Uvichil was being sacked Janthral took Master Aiden into the mountains for the day’s lessons.
Master Aiden and Janthral saw a snake tail of black smoke bellowing from the Stormus keep once they had reached a high enough mountain top. They hurried back to find the destroyed keep ablaze. The mutilated bodies of Aiden’s entire bloodline were piled up against the keep’s ruins, their blood and entrails used to write on a stone wall “Die Elves Die”. Janthral fled back into the wild with Master Aiden.
Later that day the severed head of Lord Mithlian Stormus was discovered stuffed into the foot locker of Elrond Nenmacil. Confused and woven with grief, king Hidellith buried his brother’s family and estate, leveled camp Uvichil and disbanded the Shadow Guard. King Hidellith would trust few for the rest of his time in Mundus.
2E 571
An over eager 16 year old Aiden Stormus insisted to Janthral that they find the culprits behind the Stormus massacre and bring them to justice. Janthral had taught Aiden well and seeing that he was ready to adventure granted the young royal his request.
It wasn’t long before Janthral gathered evidence that the Morag Tong were behind the massacre. The two nomads traveled to Morrowind in search of the murderous clan. Janthral helped the young Stormus track down the Tong’s Dunmer treasurer the city of Narsis.
One late night when the treasurer stumbled drunk out from a tavern the two Altmer mugged him and drug him off into the woods. The treasurer was held down on a rock by Janthral while Aiden threatened to chop his head off if he didn’t tell them the truth of the massacre. The treasurer confessed that the Tong had commit the crime but insisted that it was in fact the Nord prince Jorunn who had coughed up the gold. Happy with the information Aiden Stormus held his blade high up in the air and brought it down on the rock decapitating the pitiful Dunmer.
The two nomads traveled to Skyrim to murder Jorunn. They were patient working their way through the hostile Nord landscape, stalking the king and learning his routines.
2E 572
The Akaviri invaded Tamriel and laid an assault on Windhelm. Janthral and Master Aiden were forced to flee Skyrim without having an opportunity to deliver their revenge on Prince Jorunn.
The two nomads hiked through the hills of Hammerfell watching the Nords try to hold off the bizarre Akaviri forces. One morning they were violently woken by a band of Redguard brigands who rolled over their camp. The Redguards captured the two elves and bound them into a caged wagon with other slaves and prisoners then made their way west.
2E 573
Janthral and Master Aiden were sold to a Redguard pirate captain. The two were forced to work in a slave crew and fed scraps. The sailed over the western coast of Tamriel raiding all that were unfortunate enough to get the pirate’s way. Locked down in the hull every night the two nomads constantly plotted their escape.
2E 576
The Redguard pirate captain sold the two Altmer to an eccentric Brenton politician Uthard Hawkton who collected valuable prisoners. Senator Uthard recognized Janthral and Master Aiden and could not keep his overflowing gold pouch closed when he saw them at a slave trade. He kept them in his estate dungeon with the rest of his valuable trophy prisoners and brought them all out in chains for flamboyant private parties for the Brenton heirachy.
The two Altmer held on to their strength and prayed to the eight.
2E 579
The Soulburst explosion rocks everyone in the dungeon. The spirit of Lord Mithlian Stormus was able to communicate with his son Aiden. He explained to his son that death is not to be feared and that anger is a gift. He told Aiden that Summerset needed him and that he would have to rally the prisoners and escape back to the Isles.
2E 580
Aiden Stormus does as his father’s spirit directed and organized a gang from Senator Hawkton’s prisoners. During one of the Brenton’s parties Aiden staged an uprising that overthrew the wealthy estate. Brentons fled as the savage gang of prisoners trashed the wealthy estate and escaped wildly into the night. Uthard Hawkton was drug off with the gang, encircled by escaped prisoners and beaten to death. Many of the prisoners dispersed but a faithful core accompanied Janthral and Aiden back to the Summerset Isles.
When they arrived in Alinor King Hidellith was already dead. They suspected that the Morag Tong had poisoned him and finally fulfilled their contract. His place on the throne had been taken by no other than Queen Ayrenn who had triumphantly returned to Alinor.
Reunited after 17 years apart Ayrenn and Aiden embrace each other and begin the first chapter of a new generation of royalty for the Altmer. Queen Ayrenn bestowed Aiden with his birthright, the title of Lord Stormus. She brought Lord Stormus up to speed with the creation of the Aldmeri Dominion and the perils taking place in Cyrodiil. She asked that he aid her the same way that his father aided her father and rally a militia force to fight on her behalf for the ruby throne. Lord Stormus graciously offered his allegiance to his Queen and in turn she presented him with two of her champions, Elrond Nenmacil and Kalaman Highwatch.
And so Lord Aiden Stormus took his champions and revived his father’s guild “The Son’s of Summerset”. They made their way to Auridon under the historic banner with a call to arms!

Son’s of Summerset – Xbox one

Contact gamertags;
Venomous Voodoo – ExplosivD1harea – this is rocco

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