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Guild Recruitment

Started by Zhonoho
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Aldmeri Dominion
Hello Fellow Aldmeri Domion Fighters, I am Zhonoho Guild Leader of The Fighters Of Aldmeri now let me ask you a few questions and if you say yes to any of them you may want to join The Fighters Of Aldmeri Just send me a Message on the Xbox one and you could become part of us. Would you like the opportunity to fight for your empire, to fight for Queen Ayrenn? Would you like to go toe to toe with the Horrendous Daggerfall Covenant or the Terrible Daggerfall Covenant? To quest with fellow guild members to take Cyrodiil for the Dominion? Then join The Fighters Of Aldmeri. With your help we can bring peace to Tamriel usher in a new age, an age of prosperity and peace across the land. Join us in the quest to end this war and bring the peace!
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