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Guild Recruitment: Daggerfall Covenant

Started by Barda
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Well Met! If you are browsing ESO guilds looking for a home not just a guild, look no further!

Why should you be interested in joining <Cross>?

We are a casual/moderate, mature guild that has interests in PvE, Exploration, Crafting, PvP, Light RP, and Social activities. We originated as a gaming community over a year ago with some of us gaming together for many years. We have more than 100 quality members, and our numbers have been growing since beta. We are looking for mature members with a moderate playstyle who appreciate our values and plan to stick around in ESO for years to come. Our minimum age is 18, with our members ranging in ages from 18-65. We are an LGBTQ friendly guild with a core group, drama free mentality.

Daggerfall Covenant is our faction and where our PvP loyalties lie, so we ask that your “main” character be in the Daggerfall Covenant.

Cross also has a dedicated GameVox server with capacity for all of our members. We gather in voice comms daily and while it’s not mandatory, we do hope that if you become a member that you will join us in voice comms and take part in the fun!

Goals of <Cross>:

The main goal of <Cross> is to foster tight knit camaraderie and long lasting friendships. While we are a large guild, we do not have a “hard-core” mentality. We believe that people should play what they enjoy and play how they enjoy playing. We will not tell you what class to play or how to play whatever class you choose. It’s all about having a good time and enjoying the game together.

Multi-gaming Community: <Cross> is moving towards becoming a multi-game community. Our goal is to have the community we have built stick together and be able to play with friends no matter what game they choose. Or to easily make new friends who are a part of the <Cross> community when playing another game. (We are currently looking for leadership for other games).

Please be aware – we are an 18+ guild, so swearing is fairly common in our voice comms. While we do have rules against certain types of comments and/or jokes, if you are squeamish about an f-bomb or two, this may not be the guild for you.

If you are interested and like what you’ve seen, we encourage you to put in an application on our forum at

Or contact our recruitment officer, Dave, @ddtmm2, or here on these forums
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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant
" is a PlayStation community made up of mature (21+) gamers who have a passion for video games but realize real life comes first. Although we have some pretty beast gamers in our league, the Reapers welcome players of all levels into our community.

We love ESO and if you're a mature gamer looking for a league, you might want to check us out.
Our primary faction for AvA purposes is the Dagger Fall Covenant. We will, however, look into expanding and making alts in both other factions, once we get things up and running.

A few things set us apart from other leagues.
-We have a presence in other PlayStation games like DCUO, FFXIV, Destiny, Plus, while we’re waiting for ESO to come out, we bring havoc to Pandora and make trouble for the Templars.
-We are super organized, and have scheduled events going on for different games almost daily.
-Communication is key in our community, we use our headsets constantly to communicate (and joke around ) during raids and quests!
-Most importantly, we’re about helping each other out, sharing our knowledge of different games, and making time to run with Reapers of all gaming levels.

If you want to learn more about the HoldSquare Reapers, follow this link"

"Freedom is our right, be virtuous, take up arms and supply hope back to our mortal world!"
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Daggerfall Covenant
Dragons Guild
Hey, we are looking for people to join our guild, we are looking to build our guild to be able to make money, play campaigns, become emperors. We will be setting up a trader as soon as we hit 50 members. I myself and the 2 in the guild council are very much into this game, veterans of mmos, we are going to build an amry and put the other guilds on notice. We like to have fun, I will be setting up daily campaign for the guild.
Anyone who wants to join can, you may invite your friends. If you are someone who is very seriously into this game and want to join but also be apart of our leadership to help guide the guild toward greatness join and then message me on the xbox one.
Have a great day and enjoy gaming.
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Warrior, scholar, comrade and friend

If you seek knowledge of places to find work, or to volunteer to help the noble and true society of the Daggerfall Covenant, you can find the records of the Scribes of Alessia in Aedric temples across Covenant lands. Our records turn every temple into a place where you can find mercenary companies, trading companies or noble houses that offer work or comradeship in your heroic endeavors. If you are a Lord, Merchant or Officer, you may contact the Scribes through your local temple and details of your organisation shall be added to our archives and distributed through the temples.

If you wish to speak to a central organiser, you may find me in the Grand Temple of Wayrest, or in her home in the Dro'Dara Plantation to its East.

Divine light ever guide you
Priestess Kshaya
Scribe of Alessia
(( In game handle @azaraneth))

This is an IN CHARACTER index of organisations for RPers on NA-DC. The lists are intended to allow RP guilds to give RP descriptions of their guild in one place that can be offered to the public. Other projects exist that map rp on DC-NA (listed on the front page). These are OOC indexing projects.

The project is totally SECULAR. it is not for religious characters. It is run by the temples because it is a benevolent activity and that is in line with charitable do-gooders... which the temples fit. Evil guilds and characters are listed in an OOC section. I do help evil guilds and characters find rp.

Organisations page
In game handle @azaraneth
Enjin profile
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Daggerfall Covenant
Iron Orcs -PS4 NA Server
Daggerfall Covenant

11+ Members NEW Guild!

Looking for co GM and leadership spots are open. Our goal is help provide new and old players alike with gear, farming help, or basic game knowledge.

I give away Vampire and Werewolf bites FREE weekly.

I've almost completed every quest in every zone. I'm almost a master crafter in everything. Learning that hard to get nirn trait on most things right now. I can help with my DPS or Tank. Building a healer now.

Just dipping into the PvP scene and love it! Hoping to start PvP group events soon. I would also love to put together a trials group that meets once a week. I want to work towards skins and achievements.

No elitest BIS business here. All are welcome. No time requirements, no fees or dues. Only ONE rule: Don't be a dbag!

A one time donation of 10k gold gets you access to the guild bank. Bank rules are simple, if you take, give. Newbies who need everything because they are new can still pick up materials while questing and donate those or the junk gear you don't want. Don't be scared to take stuff, it's there for anyone who needs it.

We are on BAND, Facebook, and PS4 Communities. You are not required to use any app or site to connect with us. You don't even have to use text/voice chat in game if you don't want to.

The trials team MUST use BAND and have a mic. We will need to be able to communicate all times about trials we are doing and who is going to make it or not so we can fill slots. Trials team members get a special rank with access to guild bank at no cost. Must be able to attend at least 1 trial a month to be on the team.

Our PvP crew will get similar perks but they will not be required to use band or have a mic. Please be able to hear your leader and follow directions.

We have a website:

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