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Guild: The Order of The Dragon (PC) (RP)

Started by LunarMynx
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The Order of the Dragon is always recruiting quality and mature Role Players.

Are you looking for a well organized, well managed guild to enjoy immersive RP with? Organized events, a guild that works with the RP community as a whole? Inter-Guild events? A place to have fun?
Give us a try, you just may have found your new home.

Platform: PC
Alliance: All
Race: All
Primary Time Zone: All (working on this)
Focus: Role Playing
Secondary Focus: PvE, Levelling, Questing, PvP
Web Site Join: Anyone
Guild Join: Requires character application and approval

Web Site:

We, The Order of The Dragon, have stood since the dawn of time to serve and protect the world from the destructive nature of the Dragon. As the wheel of time has turned we have found other destructive forces striving to dominate our world. The Daedra, the Ayelids, even corrupt mortals poisoned by the promise of power and dominance over our world and its people.

Descendants of the Akaviri, descendants of The Dragonborn, once called The Blades, we come from Akavir of times long past to unite the kingdoms of man and to stand as protectorate against corruption and the destruction of our world.

Some among us are the blessed Dragonborn, whom we serve to protect and honor as our ancient traditions dictate. Blessed be Akatosh, Blessed be St. Alessia, Blessed be the Dragonborn, and Blessed be those of our order, The Order of The Dragon, whom honor the old ways. May the Gods lend us their power to protect this world, may our devotion be unending to our cause.

The Order of The Dragon is a somewhat secretive society. With the current world thinking the Akaviri being extinct and The Blades having been destroyed at Sky Haven Temple; we use this to protect ourselves and carry out the edicts of our order. Our hand reaches to all corners of this world, our hearts united as one Order, our souls given purpose we rise again.

Web Site:
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