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Guild to Capturing Forts in Cyrodiil

Started by Guardiangamer
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Hello everyone!

I'm Guardian gamer or Valen Tiberius and I hope you enjoy this guide. It was interesting to make and I hope it helps!

Capturing forts is an critical part of your faction's campaign in Cyrodiil. They allow troops to head to different parts of the map quickly and some are required to claim the title of Emperor for one in your faction. But capturing these forts is no easy task. Hopefully this guide will give you a good idea of everything you should take into account when planning to capture an enemy fort.


When you have targeted an enemy fort to attack, it is important to try and get an idea where enemies are in relation to that fort. How many are there? Can the respond quickly? Are they other fights that have drawn them elsewhere? Is this fort important enough for them to declare it a priority? All these questions and more will determine how you choose to attack, be that with more numbers or even shifting your focus elsewhere.


Forts are heavily fortified installations and will require a large number of troops to take. If you are part of a PvP guild, getting troops may not be a problem. For others, it is best if you look to zone chat. There are always people looking for or forming groups there. If you are forming your own group, make sure that you have a good compliment of different classes, especially healers and scouts. From my experience, the more troops you have the better. This is because if you have a lot of troops, you can potentially overwhelm the defenders or be prepared to counter enemy reinforcements. One important thing to know is that every soldier you have with you is one less somewhere else. This can cause gaps in your side's defense of other installations so the faster you can capture the fort the sooner your troops can be available to deal with other events.


When I talk about equipment I mean Siege Engines, Battering Rams, Forward Camps, and Repair Kits. These things are very important if you hope to capture enemy forts.

Siege Engines batter away at enemy troops and installations, but cannot move and take time to pack and unpack. There are three types of Engines: Ballistae, Catapults, and Trebuchets, with their range increasing by type. These Engines also have subtype, which are specially focused on either structures or infantry. During their use, Engines lose durability every time they fire, or when enemy Engines damage them. When your Engines get damaged, Siege Engine Repair Kits can be used to add more durability to the Engines. The Engines are then able to last longer and continue to help your efforts. When firing on installations, Engines should target the fort gates until they are destroyed. Alternatively, Siege Engines can fire on walls and destroy them, but this takes longer and should only be done if you need a large entrance for your troops. Destroying walls is usually done if there are a high number of defenders, so that your troops don't get slaughtered if they were to go through the gates alone.

Another method to destroying gates is a Battering Ram. A Ram requires a number of people to be near it in order for it to work. It will bash against the gate unless it succeeds, destroyed, or left unoccupied. There is a roof covering the Ram which should provide limited protection, for troops, from Boiling Oil or other attacks.

There will always be some casualties when taking an enemy fort. In this case, a Forward Camp is wonderful. When placed down, it provides troops a respawn point closer to the fight. It has a limited number of times people can spawn on it before it is destroyed, but is incredibly useful to get your troops back to the fight ASAP.

After capturing the fort, you will need to repair any damaged or destroyed walls and gates, so enemies don't have it easy when they inevitably come to take your fort away from you. This can be done with special repair kits bought from a siege merchant at one of your bases.

Resource Points:

When you march towards an enemy fort, you will see three icons surrounding the fort: the farm, mine, and lumber mill. You may decide to ignore these locations and attack the fort itself, but do not unless you are rushed for time. These points allow enemy troops to teleport or respawn inside the fort. To cut off the defender's reinforcements, kill the NPC defenders of these resource points and capture them. Enemy troops will be forced to run or ride horses to get to the fort, but that will take longer and buy your troops more time to capture the fort.


I cannot harp enough on this enough. Communication with your teammates is vital for any hope of victory. You will have to give or follow orders in your group for any sort of organization. Zone chat will always have people requesting help, giving out commands, or relaying information and it is important that you pay attention. If you are ever unsure where you need to be, check zone chat.


I have just gone over a lot of information. Let's recap.

1. Know where enemies are in relation to your target and plan accordingly. You may have to change your target if there are to many.

2. Make sure you have enough troops to take the fort and counter enemy reinforcements.

3. Have people bring Siege Engines, a Forward Camp, and repair kits to the fight.

4. Capture Resource Points in order to cut off enemy reinforcements.

5. Begin siege of fort.

5.5. Have scouts observing the surrounding area, in order to warn about incoming enemy reinforcements.

6. Once outer perimeter is breached. Move in and begin siege of the fort's Keep.

7. After the Keep has been breached, kill any remaining defenders and capture the Fort.

8. When the Fort is yours, have people repair any damages to the walls and gates.

9. Beware of enemy reinforcements or counterattacks.

9 Communication, Communication, Communication

There may be a few things I have forgotten about but hopefully this give you an overview on how to capture forts. I might make more guides in the future about PvP in Cyrodiil but until then, I'm Valen Tiberius and I will see you in Cyrodiil.

I just realized I misspelled "Guide" with Guild. Derp on me for trying to look professional.
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