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Started by Valdor
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Ebonheart Pact (Nord)
Hello Traveler,

My name is Valdor. I am a guild leader for The Olenveld Guardians (TOG). We are very excited about the upcoming ESO and wanted to share our excitement with this community. Our guild is apart of the Ebonheart Pact- we have room for more people! I am including a link below of all the information you will need in order to join. TOG will be meeting for scheduled gaming times but it will merely be for fun! I hope this interests some people and gets the other fans out there as excited as I am!

Long live King Jorunn!

Sincerely, Valdor

The Olenveld Guardians (TOG)

Welcome Traveler, this is the official TOG Guild information page. TOG is a guild for the upcoming game, Elder Scrolls Online. We are trying to focus on a socal gaming aspect for ESO but for Elder Scrolls fans. When playing ESO we would like to keep conversation about the game and play in a way that you choose. Working as a team is key when trying to defeat other guilds, competing in PvP or exploring together in the world. This is all to expand the Kingdom of Olenveld.

About Olenveld?
Olenveld is a once reigning Empire of the ancient races. Then, Olenveld was A sort of safe haven for necromancers to endlessly experiment on dead corpses. Now we are trying to bring back this safehaven for all races and classes for the betterment of those around us. We are few, but our heart and skill are unmatched. In this belief, we seek a king to rule over our lands. Olenveld is a growing community of warriors of any race and class to congrigate for a higher cause. We will fight when needed, but overall our ultimate goal is to bring a safe and fun environment to others. Any skill you see fit is accepted and welcomed in Olenveld.
We are The Olenveld Guardians- "As the shores of my home disappear I sail over the sea without fear, for I know that we will guard the ones we hold dear."

About the guild?
We are a few Elder Scrolls fans just playing awesome games. We would like our Guild to expand closer and during the launch of the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online. In order to join the Guild we would ask that you talk to one of The Founders (JT, Tyler,or Caleb) for more information about joining.

1. Please no vulgur language.
2. Talk about Elder Scrolls.
3. Contribute to the guild in a way you see fit.
4. Play and have fun! Let's all be friends and help each other!

We hope to see you in the guild soon!
Thank you,
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