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Hail the Throat Adder Super Commando Bros - PvP/PvE EU

Started by Nehemia
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Ebonheart Pact (Dunmer)
Quote: TL;DR Dominate noobs, have fun doing that. So moderate-casual environment that's of competitive nature.

Throat Adder is a newly formed guild residing in Europe. In the Elder Scrolls Online, we chose to represent the Ebonheart Pact. The founders gathered together combinations of ideas from previous MMORPG's, and with vast experience of MMORPG gaming veterans it is our purpose to crush people in PvP. However, since one of our founders favors PvE, we have decided to create an additional PvE section, so our core members can enjoy both PvP & PvE content.

We seek to play as a disciplined PvP force; This means it is a requirement for us to support our group from roots to the top. We are liberal on how you build your character; But if you want to play a gimp character for the fun of it or refuse to twist your build to more group oriented character from a soloist, expect to be ridiculed at. Viability is a requirement, and if soloist builds are not viable in group scenarios, we will enforce build tweaks. Our purpose is to have fun whilst crushing people and scouring dungeons, but that fun of crushing newbies cannot be attained unless we manage to pull off a competitive level of gaming. Team is as strong as its weakest link, and we want to do everything to support those links, but if assistance is refused the guild simply cannot operate as a group. Therefore we expect our members to be intelligent individuals who understand the necessities of competitive gaming, but also understand that its just a game, they can have fun with it and act mature and friendly towards each other.

We do not have too many rules, but simply put: We do not trash talk, we ham it up, act mature and attempt to pull of competitive level of gaming. Being in VOIP is a requirement (talking isn't necessarily, but we expect our members to have a working mic). We expect our members to max a single line of crafting profession (as we are a guild, and having masters of each craft is a lot better than everyone having mediocre multiple crafting lines). Our members are expected to understand that they represent us in everything we do, and thus do not allow multi-guilding (exceptions can be made, example you having a 5 man "guild" with your RL friends).

Our website is still under construction; If you wish to apply to our limited recruitment head on to our website and post an application. Keep in mind we wish that you actually dedicate some effort to applying. In addition you may notice more than a few placeholders on the site, do not hesitate to question those.

Guild Website URL:


The application form can be found from the link below:

Please read the question through, answer in your best regard and honestly, dedicate more than just two minutes to answering a question. Dedication towards a membership can be seen from the application alone.

Who are we looking for or expecting from you?

- Intelligent individuals
- Competitive MMORPG guild experience is a bonus
- Competitive gaming background is a bonus
- Maturity
- Understanding of games mechanics (universally)
- Primarily around European timezone (other timezones may still apply)
- Willfulness to co-operate and promote teamwork
- Fluent or working English, both verbal and literal (No, you do not have to be English major to apply)
- Willfulness to mute yourself beyond 0.8 alcohol levels
- Don't be a dick
- You want to Play to Crush™

*NOTE: That "recruiting PvE stuff" is a placeholder, we are not looking for the things listed there.

We expect you to follow the mentioned rules:

Quote:1. No guild hopping. You are part of TA and represent us in everything you do.

2. Must be logged into voice chat, even if you don't talk, you need to be there if in game. When in combat, be quiet except for reporting (i.e. scout) or calling targets.
2.a Whoever is "leading" currently leads, you are welcome to discuss or criticize tactics outside the combat.

3. TA Playstyle in full force. This means disciplined, organized gaming.

3.a That translates to minimal crap talking to others. Ham it up, and such, but no personal attacks. Play with honor.
3.b We "play to crush". That means we run as a group of complimentary characters - not a group of soloist during group content.
3.c Play with discipline. Whoever is the "leader" at the moment will gladly chat with you about tactics, just NOT during a fight.
3.d. Get on target - according to your role. If you are a buff stripper, then strip and move on. If you have a root, root the target like a beacon.
3.e. Officer is always right - do what he says. If in doubt, start reading this sentence over from the beginning, just slower. If you need a translator, ask Sordak, as he generally knows how to say get on the f*in target with flavor, gusto, and style.
3.f. Friday night, few beers before going to club and you decided to pay a visit. Cool. But if you are drunk more than .08, perma-mute yourself until hangover (so we can all ridicule you) and turn both headlights on, thank you.

4. Character builds are pretty much wide open, but if we decided to run around with ranged specs that are focused on mobility, and you bring a turtle of a tank, expect to be laughed upon.

5. Killing noobs and making people cry is the best way to have fun in game. TA has everything to succeed with that, so play along with our style. However, there is no need to make remarks about how bad they actually are, just dominating them is more than enough.

TL;DR Dominate noobs, have fun doing that. So moderate-casual environment th
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Likes Given: 43
Likes Received: 335
Faction & Race:
Ebonheart Pact (Dunmer)
Edited the thread to match our recruitment more accurately.

Come, Unstoppable Eraser Rain
Throat Adder | Societas Daemonica
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