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Harlwystyr's Notes on Farrun, Through the Realms of Tamriel

Started by Harlwystyr
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Chapter I: Introduction
Chapter II: Wayrest
Chapter III: Daggerfall
Chapter IV: Shornhelm
Chapter V: Evermore
Chapter VI: Farrun
Chapter VII: Jehenna


It was by pure chance that my companions and I were not waylaid by the marauding reachmen when traversing the northern regions of Bangkorai, and, indeed, I was informed that more than one of my fellow travellers had lost family members to the witchmen. My heart goes out to them, even if my attention was ever pinned on the Western Reach.

However, as mentioned, our travels went on peacefully. I noted the lack of taverns and inns in the southern region of Farrun, but soon realised that this frontier lies far from the capitals of Evermore and Farrun, and so would be defenceless should the reachmen decide to launch an attack.

As we drew nearer to Farrun, the impressive fortifications and city walls could be seen, even from a great distance, and I realised that the city boasted a much greater population than either Shornhelm or Evermore, although not quite as many as Daggerfall and Wayrest. The capital sits directly east of the city of Northpoint across the Bay of Farrun, high atop the mighty cliffs that dominate north-eastern High Rock. Encounters with adventurers and mercenaries intensified the closer we came to the gates, and indeed, I can imagine there's much work for steel and shield in this region so close to the Reach and Skyrim.

I quickly learnt that the king was currently on a campaign against the reachmen, and I was instead directed to the Lafont Trading Coster; a business run by the influential noble family, the Lafonts, who hold trade connections from Sentinel to Torval via Anvil, and to Windhelm via Solitude and Dawnstar. Their company also sees to the protection of the thousands of caravans who are willing to pay for the professional protection of their mercenaries and hired adventurers, and this has benefited the kingdom of Farrun immensely.

Spending the night at the capital's finest establishment - the Crown's Rest, which I can heartily recommend to those seeking delicate cuisine and soft beds - I was ready to fully explore the city the next day. It's no understatement to say that the city is well known for its fine jewellery, primarily produced by another wealthy family - the Ravenspurs - who own an extensive network of mines close to the Reach. Naturally, this also makes Farrun a major transhipment point for the coal trade in High Rock, and I saw four large warehouses alone dedicated to the storage of the mineral. Several other trading companies also help the city's astounding economy, but I'll not go into greater detail about these.

Generously offered free access to the castle library, it wasn't long before the older records told an interesting tale. Most of the city's prominent nobility come from Wayrest and Evermore, having left due to competition or high taxes, and the knowledge of production they brought with them in the form of weapons and armour, winery, brewery, and the breeding of horses helped build the kingdom into what it is today.

However it should be mentioned that not all of Farrun's most important citizens belong to the nobility. Several entrepreneurs, such as Grandel Eddrick, own several of general stores in the capital that sell a motley and ever-changing selection of merchandise. Rumours are abound; whether true or fabricated by jealous competitors, that these goods come from a successful fencing operation of stolen goods from the Thieves Guild, who hold a strong presence in the kingdom.

Several mercenary companies have sprung up due to high demand, and whether contracted by companies such as the Lafont Trading Coster, of by the king's coffers to expand his lands or protect his people, there's always work to be found. The largest of such companies happens to be the Steel Sword Company, which has an impressive headquarters in the city.

But naturally, it goes without saying that a city filled with mercenaries and adventurers can lead to problems with security, and my conversations with the captain of the guard, Baledan Pendring, proved most insightful. Gracious enough to find time in his busy schedule, he told me that on more than one occasion, he and his guardsmen had come to blows with drunken adventurers, and had sent a distressed missive to the king, in hope that laws could be implemented, but so far he did not hold high hopes, due to the importance of the mercenaries to the city's economy.

Whilst I've certainly never worked within a guard force before, I can truthfully say that Baledan, if tight-lipped about his responsibilities, performs exemplary work that has resulted in a safe environment within the capital, and even though the Thieves Guild is about, never once did I see a robbery or hear of a theft during my stay.

Apart from the Crown's Rest, I also extended my stay by a few days to try the various other inns and taverns that dominate Farrun's social scene. They come in a great number and with great variety both in style and by the form of their clientele. Along with the Crown's Rest, the most prestigious is the Delight of Farrun, which is also the most expensive and a favoured spot for the city's nobility and elite. During my stay here, several important city officials and merchants ate here in the evenings.

But the most popular - and I must admit, most exciting - of all inns is the Wizard's Respite, known locally some times as the Wizard's Circus. This shabby establishment run by a retired high elven mage - Alcatar the Boastful - has a reputation for strange occurrences that stretches all the way to Evermore, where patrons can, for a modest sum, get to see redguard women dance on stage.

Sadly, the many sights and businesses of Farrun prevented me from meeting a lot of the farmers and commoners who remain the backbone of the land. It was brought to my attention that many work in seasonal shifts in mines and live far from the city, but the few whom I did manage to catch in the various lower-priced taverns seemed friendly folk, not unlike in manner to the people of my native Daggerfall.

Impressed at the efficiency and structure of the city, I set out with a positive outlook for my last stop within the kingdoms of High Rock - the easternmost realm of Jehenna.

- From the Journals of Harlwystyr the Wanderer, Through the Realms of Tamriel, published in 2E 188.
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A great addition, makes me want to become a Wanderer.

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Although I do not agree with you on some decisions you have made regarding your character. I do enjoy reading about his travels. Good job!

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Another enjoyable series, each realm/city has a unique character that is nevertheless 'Breton'. They do a pretty neat job of giving us more insight into Harlwystyr too.

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You're beginning to strike at the heart of it, Thorfinn. The guide wasn't only intended to show High Rock, but also at how -Harlwystyr- sees High Rock, and especially its people, and thus it also gives some insight about him as a person.
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I think you did a great job with these stories/traveler's guides, Harl, I love stuff that makes a fictional world that little bit more real, and this is certainly one way of doing that.

Harl should visit Sentinel and tell us what he thinks of the golden domes ;)

(February 2nd 2014, 12:53 PM)Archmage Alator Wrote: Although I do not agree with you on some decisions you have made regarding your character

That's not something that matters in threads like these, or at all. I don't agree with multiple characters on this site but I can still appreciate works of art for what they are. Let's bury disagreements now.
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