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Hashashins of the Covenant

Quick Info
System :
Faction : Daggerfall Covenant
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP, Roleplay, Social
Time Zone : North America

Guild submitted by TheMountain.
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About Hashashins of the Covenant
Main Rules
Assassins of the Daggerfall Covenant. Any play style is accepted, for even an assassin needs a healer.

*Exit Roleplay Mode*

Ok so we are a fun guild of close friends from California who are super excited to play ESO, at first we were a bit skeptical because we loved games like Skyrim and Oblivion, but now we are convinced. We have all played through WoW, SWTOR, GW2, some members played Aion and LOTRO. Overall we really just enjoy playing MMO's, aren't into the whole 'elitist jerk' thing, the play style you want is the play style you will have!

We take part in PvE, protecting the lands of the Covenant from the terrors of Tamriel; and we participate in PvP as well, capturing keeps and raiding towns in Cyrodiil as a small, well trained group.


Head of the Hashashins- Samaj Ke Sira- One person
Right Hand of Justice- Prava Renka - Head's second in command, one person
Protectors of the Chosen- Sanriksha- chosen few
Head Assassins- Odjiaow Gwova - best of the officers
Officers- Adhikari - worthy members
Assassin- Hashashin - a member
In the Hashashins you will assassinate who you are told to assassinate. Any problems with targets will be taken up with the Mountain.
Killing of innocents is prohibited, unless either:
1. Permitted by The Mountain
2. Saves lives

We are loyal to the Covenant and High King Emeric, yet breaking of the law is permitted as long as you are not caught and tried. Protection from the police and guards is mostly ensured, but we can only provide limited protection.

*Exit Roleplay Mode*
We are working at getting a guild vent up and also we would appreciate it if you were at least somewhat mature but in all honesty please take jokes well and just be lighthearted and fun!

Guild Saying- An Assassin is only as sharp as his blade, and only as resilient as his armor.
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Hashashins of the Covenant Comments
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Ebonheart Pact (Nord)
Good luck with the guild!

Zeymah of the Bromlokiir. Voth Ahkrin!
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Daggerfall Covenant (Breton)
Thank You Sir!

Hashashins of the Covenant
Maximilian 'The Mountain'
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