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Have I missed my chance to play any race?

Started by Kain Lionhart
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Because of this and that happening (car dying and buying a new one, moving house, yknow boring shit like that that isn't related to computer games :D ) I've been a bit skint lately and have had to cut out pre-ordering ESO.
I hate this happened as I have been looking forward to this game for a long time, but thats life eh? I mean its not like the game itself is going anywhere.

The only real downside to not being able to pay for the pre-order to me is missing out on playing any race in any faction, I know ESO has an in game store, and Google searches have drawn a blank on what is available in it. I was wondering (/ hoping) that this option would be something I could pay for once I can afford to get in game? (Fingers crossed next pay day, assuming this new car doesn't break or fail an MOT in the mean time lol)

Thanks for any insight

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If you are getting if for pc then you had to pre order it to play any race any alliance but you never know they might add it so anyone can play any race any alliance if they didnt pre order in the future.
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I know this is becoming a dead horse topic but just as a note, ZoS is NOT planning to introduce back the option of Any Race, Any Alliance any time soon.

Unless of course the game is forced to go F2P.

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i was at my local best buy this past friday and they had 11 copies of TESO with the "Explorer's PAck Included" sticker on the box.

if you hurry, you can still get copies of the game with the exp pack code inside.

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