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Having trouble with my Character

Started by DDomin4360
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So after the failed thief experiment, I decided to make a

w/ Heavy Armor
Primarily as a Healer
As big on crafting (blacksmith)

Originally this meant my first slot was for a Battleaxe and I'd switch into a Resto staff.

I've since found the battle axe lame and I respected. With that said I've pocketed most of the skill points because my character sucks and I need help.

So quick specs:

Available skill points 14 (soon to be 16)

For Aedric Spear:
I have Puncturing Sweep and Binding Javeling (which are the first two abilities but morphed).

I've ignored Dawn's Wrath

Restoring Light:
I have Breath of Life, Restoring Aura and Rite of Passage (ultimate ability)
I also have two points into Mending (passive ability)

With the Resto Staff I only kept Rapid Regeneration and the Passive Ability Essence Drain.

5 points into Heavy armor with 3 into resolve and two into constitution.

Two points into the nord skill of robust.

8 points into Blacksmithing.

I have plus 10 into Magicka
Plus 7 into Health
and 5 into Stamina

Anyway, what's going wrong? I seem to struggle in battles with any monsters that are even two-three levels higher. I also find myself unable to keep up with healing my crews. Granted maybe they're just reckless, but still as healer their lives are my responsibility.

Sorry for the long post.


My Healing Templar is underwhelming and I want a direction to go into the character with.

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Do you have magicka regen armor/magicka total added? If you don't then you are probably almost always running on low magicka because of lack of light armor passives. Try doing this if you get chance go 5 light armor and 2 heavy. The light armor will boost your magicka regen and spell resistance. While the 2 heavy armor is to slightly balance your armor a bit. And take off the 10 points on magicka and put them into health to boost your sustain.
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