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Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Started by Greywolf McGrowler
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You hear an Argonian cry out in a loud voice, "Hear Ye, hear ye, come and grab the latest article of the Legionair!"

You look at the Argonian and he looks a bit ragged and his stall has papers and magazines all tattered around it. He of course, has seen better days, but must be trying to make ends meet anyway he can.

Legionair Magazine Link:

The Legionair is a digital magazine that talks about ESO on the Xbox One. It has articles of PvP, PvE, ESO News, some Hints and tips, Character Background, and some guild news from the Accursed Legion. Currently, the magazine can only be viewed through a PC.

If you like it or have any comments on it please check out our facebook page at:
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