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Help! Keep Crashing :(

Started by Merovius
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Id love to post this on the official forum but it wont let me make an account...

This happened all through the beta too, just ran the launcher repair and I still keep getting booted. Its really annoying 'cus it keeps sending me back to campfires.

I built this pc last summer:
:-:Cooler Master Storm Scout II Advanced w/6 Notcua NF-F12s :-:ASUS ROG Maximus
VI Hero :-:Intel i7 4770k @4.5 on Corsair H80i :-:ASUS 780 GTX Direct
CUII :-:Corsair Vengeance CMZ 16G @1600 C9 :-:Corsair AX860 :-:Samsung 840Pro
256GB :-: WD Velociraptor 500GB :-:Win 7 64 Home Premium :-: Norton Internet Security

Ive put my Norton on sleep and it still crashes.

I run several other games, including MMOs with foreign based mega-servers and Ive never had any issues.

Any feedback is appreciated, thanks in advance.
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Unfortunately, this forum is for issues pertaining specifically to the TESOF website, and not for technical assistance for the game. Best bet is to contact support teams at the ESO website.

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Any moderators, you should probably add in the forum rules or something what this part of the forum is for.

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