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Hi everyone!

Started by Wark
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Hi everyone!
First I want to say that I'm Spanish and although I have a good command of English sometimes I make little errors.
So... My character's name is Wark and I discovered the elder scrolls series with Oblivion, discovering this fantastic world of fantasy and role playing. Since that I collected my pretty collection of TES games: Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim. So when Bethesda announced this new game of the elder scroll series in E3 I quickly been interested in that, following the developing of the game and creating a little guild with my friends. When the closed beta came I sent my data immediatly to them but, unfortunately I wasn't one of the elected for the beta.
I discovered this forum some time ago, but now I decided to start contributing to this forum to make it better.
I wish the community accept me gratefully because I'm a great fan of TES series and I want to share my discovers to everyone :)

PD: Don't know if I put the topic in the right site, if not please move it.
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Hey there Wark! Welcome to TESOF, hope you enjoy your stay. We all look forward to hearing more from you and feel free to stop by at the Thu'um Box to talk about Penguins.. lots and lots of penguins! Here is the topic for introductions if you feel like reposting it.

Vahlok of The Bromlokiir Clan.

Come and join us in the Hall of the Bromlokiir, Kinsmen!

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