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Hi From Salbelau !

Started by Salbelau
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Hey to whoever reads this. I'm a complete Newbie to this site.
I first played The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim a couple of years ago, but have today renewed my interest in wanting to play the previous versions also.

I went onto the official site for TES & it asked me to type my DOB in which I did. BTW I was born in 1971 which I'm pretty sure I typed in. But it has blocked me from entering the site saying that I'm not allowed to access it. I can click on other areas of the site, but when I try to get to the pages where I can download earlier versions of TES such as Arena & Daggerfall it won't let me in. There are no ways to contact them to ask them how to access their pages.

What do I do??? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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