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Started by Took an arrow in the knee
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion (Khajiit)
Firstname - Hides-His-Name (pronunciation: none needed).

Surname - None.

Sex - Male.

Race - Argonian.

Age - 26.

Occupation - Nightblade.

Faction - Ebonheart Pact.

Appearance - Scales are a deep green color with a bit of black on his face and arms. He two horns jutting from the back of his head with a ridge of smaller horns between them and several bumps of bone along his jawline. The scales on his hands are abnormally hard and his claws are sharp making him dangerous even unarmed and has strong arms and legs, not hulking strong though. His snout is unusually long with sharper teeth and more serpentine body, the appearance of a Naga.

Equipment - Usually wears a black cloak with a hood and mask over black leather armor but will sometimes wear ebony armor covered in tribal carvings that covers him head to tail with a large gap for his horns. His weapons of choice are two short swords and daggers also of ebony and several throwing daggers.

Personality - prefers to be alone usually but will work with a team, generally he prefers to spend time with his own kind if at all because they at least are more sensible in his opinion. He values and respects authority greatly and disapproves of the alliance black marsh has made with the Dunmer as they have enslaved his people for centuries but follows his governments choices without complaint.

Backstory - He was born under the sign of the shadow and was raised in the dark brotherhood as a shadowscale and showed skill with weapons and at remaining undetected and became an effective killer. He enjoyed that life but didn't believe in sithis or the night mother and refused to work for something he didn't believe so he defaulted on his next contract and headed for the deep marsh. He eventually reached the city of Helstrom where he was born and employed his services as an assassin until he heard of the war and left for Mournhold to join the Pact as a Nightblade. He was killed in the war during a siege in Cyrodill while scaling a wall.

Best memory - Being raised as family in the brotherhood.

Worst memory - Discovering he had to fight alongside the Dunmer.

Skills - Sneaking and moving in light armour as well as striking with short blades and daggers, adept with heavy armour and hand-to-hand combat and is very fast.

Challenges - Accepting the fact that he must fight and even rely on the ancestral foes of his people.

Political views - Those who lead have that position have it for a reason, they tell who needs to die and he obliges.

Religious views - Really couldn't care less.
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The Kynaran Order
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