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Hodlin Fire-Sword

Started by Ri'Do'Ja
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Aldmeri Dominion
Name: Hodlin Fire-Sword

Race: Nord

Age: 20

Origin: Whiterun, although he spent a lot of time traveling the wilderness of Skyrim with his father.

Birth-sign: The Warrior

Occupation: Warrior, Soldier for The Ebonheart Pact, and member of the Fighter’s Guild.

Relatives: His grandfather was the old blacksmith of the Bromlokiir, but he murdered an Onikmun leading to him getting banished. His father taught him to fight and smith, and instilled in him a sense of honor, his mother died in childbirth. The only reason he knows of his grandfather is because when his father died, he was looking through his stuff and found a journal detailing the events. He does not have any siblings.

Brief description of appearance: Hodlin is a huge Nord that has huge muscles from fighting and working in the forge. He has blue eyes and brown hair. He also has a leather pack full of paper, quills, ink, books, ore, and repair equipment.

Weaponry: Hodlin has a greatsword (with a fire enchantment) on his back, a dagger in his right boot, two swords on his waist, and a pickaxe tied to the top of his pack. He is absolutely horrible with a bow and is only good with restoration, about an adept level.

Armour/Clothing: Hodlin wears the best heavy armour he can find, (iron, orcish, ebony, etc.,) with a cloak over it and a hood over his helm, he will wear any color, but prefers black or blue.

Religious Point of View: Hodlin believes in the Eight Divines but does not worship them as he believes that if they were truly begin that they would not need to be worshipped to give blessings and they would not need priests/priestesses to spread their word.

Political Point of View: Hodlin is a proud member of the Bromlokiir, obsessed with regaining his family’s honor. He is also a proud member of the Ebonheart Pact and would love to see the Skald-King sit on the throne.

Loves: Greatswords, smithing, antique armour and weapons, Whiterun, his honor, books, and reading.

Hates: Liars, traitors, bows, Daedra, “pure mages”.

Strengths: Hodlin is smart, humble, honorable, good with his chosen weapons, can persuade people (partly due to his sword), and is loyal to his friends. He also rarely loses his temper.

Weaknesses: Hodlin has no talent with ranged weapons, thinks people will be as honorable as he will be, and has a tendency to believe people even when he should. His temper, although barely roused is terrible and “comes out” when his friends are injured or books are burned normally.

Companions: Hodlin travels with nobody since his father died. One of his goals is to find a group that will accept him and travel with him.

Notable relationships: He has friends in Whiterun, Winterhold, Solitude, Riften and Markarth who he writes weekly. He also is friends with some merchants that were friends and associates of his father.

Rumours (true and untrue):

1. Hodlin will always give people a place to stay the night.
2. When his father died Hodlin almost committed suicide.
3. Hodlin will always return horses if he finds them.
4. Hodlin will never ride a horse.
5. He is terrified of getting shocked to death.
6. He carries a journal around wherever he goes.
7. A thief once tried to pickpocket gold form Hodlin, that thief soon lost three fingers.
8. Hodlin is always looking for books to add to his collection.
9.When Hodlin learned of the Bromlokiir and his family’s connection he set out for the Bromlokiir’s headquarters the next day.
10. Hodlin will do whatever is asked of him if he trusts the person giving the orders.

Member of the Twilight Seers of Aquilas Domini
Foriel Barkwing- Bosmer Archer
Hodlin Fire-Sword- Nord Warrior
Amaund Storm-Quencher- Breton Mage
Clan Member of the Bromlokiir
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