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Holy Names

Started by Idriar
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The Convent of the Holy Names took place in the year 2E 255 marking a short-lived paradigm shift in the Imperial Cult. It was declared by Dorothea of Chorrol, head of the Mara-blessed Couples of Chorrol, who renamed herself Marathea of Chorrol shortly after. Nearly all cults, chirches and sects and nearly all aspects, avatars and angels of the Eight Gods were somehow represented at the convent which was held in the Imperial city and in various places of worship scattered all over the Rumare Island.

Inspired by certain intellectual and provincialist movements, which 30 years later sparked rebellions throughout the continent, the Imperial Cult tried to gain more influence among the people of the Empire – especially the people of Cyrodiil – beyond the limits Versidue-Shaie had fixed for the Cult. To achieve this the priests of the Eight held synods, councils and convents (the Convent of the Holy Names being one of the very first) producing plans and ideas. Most of these fell victim to book burning and censorship when Versidue-Shaie tackled the rebellions with martial law and an iron fist. However, some plans were preserved, like the concept of the so called 'Holy Names' which was no new concept at all:

People have always been fond of naming their children after heroes and saints to bring atleast the sound of greatness into their houses. This extends to naming children after Gods, which is also connected to the virtues of the respective Divine. However, to give a child the very same name as a God is blasphemy, which was (and is) avoided by altering the name of the Divine: If parents want their child to become kind and benevolent, following the ideals of Mara, they call it for instance Martin. If they want it to become intelligent or gifted in the arcane arts, they call it Julia.

Glorifying these names as 'Holy Names', the Imperial Cult was eager to encourage people naming their children after Gods. The idea behind this was the following: whenever a bearer of a name containing the name of a God was addressed, she and all around her would be reminded of the God the name was based upon. To raise the number of 'Holy Names' was to raise the times a God was mentioned. No minute should pass without people having the Divines on their tongues and on their mind. And so the Convent of the Holy Names was held to gather 'Holy Names' from the lands of the Empire (mostly from Cyrodiil, High Rock and Skyrim), to make up new ones and to find ways to make parents chose these names for their children.

However 'Holy Names' never became more popular than they had been anyway. Firstly many new names, like Akastasius, Dibellania or Zenithander were to long and complicated. These names were also used by priests who chose to rename themselves to show their commitment to their Gods after their final inauguration. People perceived the newly created names as aloof and elitist for this reason. But most importantly did the Imperial Cult suffer from restrictions and razzias by the troops of the Potentate during the decades of rebellion. This made it impossible for the Cult to put their plans into execution.

Today the Convent of the Holy names is considered but a curious footnote in the history of the Second Empire. The following pages contain a list of 'Holy Names'.


Aka, Achaz, Ace, Akatia/us, Akastasia/us,


Kynbel, Kynberly, Kyna, Kina,


Sten, Stan, Stanta/us, Stenvar


Dibellania/us, Dibelha/us, Dibylle, Dibellaphilia


Arctura/us, Arcady, Arctus


Maria/us, Mary, Martin/a, Marathea Marsus, Maro, Marcel, Marara, Marana, Mariana, Marlena, Marina, Maranique, Marthe, Marguerite, Mariette, Maering, Maren, Margarte, Margret, Marcia/us

(note that Mara based names are very common)


Zent, Zant, Zenta/us, Zenithander, Zenitia/us, Vicente, Vincent


Jules, Julia/us, Iuliana/us, Julienne, Jolie


Dear reader.

The author is aware that the list is incomplete. It is written that the Convent of the Holy names has found 88 names per God. If you, the reader, know any 'Holy Name' not listed in this book, it would be greatly appreciated if you would submit it.

Thank you in advance

Peranus Vane

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