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Hopes for the Thieves Guild & Justice System

Started by CharlesJT
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Zenimax revealed they plan on releasing the Thieves Guild and Justice System in a content patch shortly after launch. With that said, I wanted to discuss my hopes of what this content may bring to ESO…

Finding the Thieves Guild
Unlike finding the Fighters or Mages Guild, the Thieves Guild will never be shown on a map (this guild must feel elusive and off the grid). In order to find this guild, players must follow Shadowmarks. These Shadowmark symbols will be carved on various buildings scattered throughout Tamriel cities.

Thieves Guild Skill Line
With the Thieves Guild, we can also expect a new Skill Line. Can you say Pickpocket? This ability is a must have feature (being able to pickpocket other players is another question). Bribery would also be a cool addition to the game. Players could bribe City Guards to ignore crimes, etc.

Fame & Infamy Mechanic
I hope the developers add “Fame and Infamy” mechanic to the game. Basically, fame is a measure of how well known your heroism is amongst the general population of Tamriel. Conversely, infamy represents your notoriety for doing evil deeds. Depending how you play your character will change NPC disposition (do they like you or not).

Justice System - Illegal Activities
With the addition of the Justice System, having many illegal activities for players would be welcome:

Stolen Horse
Drug Possession (possession of any narcotic, such as Skooma)
Indecent Exposure (people running around in their underwear)

Prisons – Instanced Dungeons
The developers should make prisons essentially instanced dungeons (each city would have a unique layout). Players will sit in their cell for a period of time. The time should be somewhere between uncomfortable and downright frustrating… a deterrent. Maybe 10 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the severity of the crime. But you don’t have to sit and wait. Players will find a couple of lockpicks in their cell to attempt a jailbreak. There is only a couple, so use them wisely! If you successfully pick the lock, you will automatically retrieve your gear. To get out of jail, you must sneak past the guards or use brute force. If you fail to get past the guards, you will once again be placed in the cell. This time you must sit and wait (no lockpicks). Lastly, the penalty for attempting a jailbreak is doubling the time you must sit and wait.

Bail Friend Out of Jail
Players can visit the prison and bail their friend out of jail. The bail amount will be based on the severity of the crime. Once the bail is paid in full, the prisoner will be released.

What do you hope to see with the addition of the Thieves Guild and Justice System?
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