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House of the Blood Moon - PS4 - USA - PT - Vamp & Wolf Guild

Started by Creatuus
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Daggerfall Covenant
House of the Blood Moon

House of the Blood Moon is an up-in-coming guild on the PS4 (North America Server) for Vampires, Werewolves, and Humans who are in line to becoming either.

HotBM is an organized guild looking for only basic members, but dedicated players looking to become an important part of our future. We have 4 basic member ranks for players to move through, as well as seven open officer positions available.

Ranks are as follows (lowest to highest):

House Servant: The basic position in the guild. This is where any member who has not met the criteria to move forward will remain. As a Servant you will be able to Invite members to the guild, which is essential to move up the ranks. Every member at House Servant ranks must pay a low 100g for Rent every week by Friday or you will lose your active status. Active status is required to be promoted.

House Servant+: Your on your way up in the underworld. In order to achieve this rank you must have invited at least 1 member to join the guild, and that player must have an active status. House Servant+ must also pay 250g for rent every week by Friday or you will be demoted and lose your active status.

House Noble: An honorable rank among members. House Noble's now have the privilege to sell in the guild store! Requirements to maintain this position are to have invited 2 members to the guild who have an active status. Rent is increased to 500g due every week by Friday or you will be demoted and lose your active status.

House Noble+: The highest possible normal member rank. While Noble+ also can sell to the guild store, you can also withdraw items freely from the guild bank! With this position comes the requirement to maintain 3 current members that you invited to the guild who have active status. Also, rent has increased to 750g every week, due on Friday or you will be demoted and lose your active status.

-Officers- (Paid Positions)
Grand Council: The Grand Council is the democracy of our guild/house. This is the only officer position which has multiple spots, 5 to be exact. To be seated in the prestigious Grand Council you must show dedication to the guild. Good history with paying rent, active in events, high recruitment numbers, etc. The Heads of the Guild choose the members of the council. The position is desired most because each member on the council will collect 2% of the rent paid weekly. So that means each council member is motivated and invested in the future of the guild in every way. You do not have to pay for rent weekly. Grand Council members have increased responsibilities in the guild as expected. They are able to join officers channel, sell in the guild store, and withdraw items from the guild bank.

House Magistrate: The House Magistrate is the right hand of the Head-of-House. Personally selected by the other Heads of the Guild, they take on responsibilities only suited to be handled by the most dedicated and trusted members. A one person position, they reap the benefit of being paid 3% of weekly rent paid. The backbone the guild, and a seat on the Grand Council among the other Heads of the guild and the 5 other council members.

Head Werewolf (Moon): The alpha wolf. The first werewolf of the House of the Blood Moon. Manager of all werewolf activities and events. Any questions concerning Werewolves direct to this position. Equal with the Head Vampire and 2nd in the guild only to the Head-of-House. This position is paid 4% of the weekly rent paid.

Head Vampire(Blood): Equivalent to their wolf counterpart, they are the leader of all Vampires in the guild. Charged with managing the organization of the blood-sucking side, they are dedicated and hardworking to ensure the future of our guild. They also receive a 4% take home from weekly paid rent.

Head-of-House: Founder and creator of the House of the Blood Moon. The Head-of-House has the last say in any changes in officer ranks, has the ability to change and alter any part of the guild. As the Head-of-House, I say thank you and welcome to HotBM. I hope you are inspired to help us grow, and above ALL......Have FUN!!

After developing our organization by; using small rental fees, active status perks, PAID (in-game gold) officer positions, and incentive to recruit and move up the ranks, we believe our guild has a very bright future. This is the time to join and make a name for yourself in HotBM. Help us grow and prosper in TESO!

If your interested, message the Guild Master on the PSN Network.
Guild Master: Creatuus
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