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How Limited Will the Healing Class Be?

Started by BlytheAlarynn
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There's so much information piling in lately on class and how diverse the customization will be, but honestly all I can visualize for healers are the standard battle-mages with shields, swords and healing spells. Do you think healers will be able to break away from that? Will we see sneaky, dagger-wielding healers? Long ranged archers who heal the front-liners? I love the healing class and don't want to be tied down since it is an Elder Scrolls Game. I want to get the most out of it.[/i]

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I think you can make it work in different ways, healing from a distance, or in the frontline if youre more defence focused, or as a conjurer/healer a bit behind frontlines perhaps
There are so many things to take into consideration, and theres nowhere near enough info about it to determine what is best yet

I just found this on here, it confirms the ability to use magic in combination with any weapon or shield as you no longer have to have your hands free to cast spells
So id say it wont be limited at all, this opens up so many possabilities for a healer, or any magic user
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I think the healer role in this game will be quite a bit different than other MMO such as Wow or SWToR. Especally with the cone heals they have you have to be right in the mix of things and it seems healers are expected to some extent to help on DPS such as the Templar. It says they can do decent amount of damage just with there weapons. Looking forward to seeing how it all plays out, just glad to not look at peoples health bars all day, its a nice little change up for us.
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From what I've seen, I think healing will just be what you make of it. The spec tree system seems interesting, and with the separate Health, Magicka and Stamina points system, I think there will be some really interesting builds occurring. I think if the game is true to TES roots, I think making for some interesting healer builds.
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im working on building a group dependent healer but the healing spells are already getting crazy at lvl 12 since i just run with people who do all the fighting
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