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How Long Do All The Races Live?

Started by LucidCow
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I've always wondered this, and the true knowledge will help with characters i make. To my understanding i believe that:

Human races (Imperials, Nords, Redguards, Bretons) all live for normal human life times: about 60-90 years

Beast races (Argonians, Khajiit, Orcs (i know they're really elves, but look more beast to me) live for an unknown amount of years so i just say they're probably the same as human races: 60-90 years

Elven races (Dark Elves, High Elves, Wood Elves) this is the part i want to know the most. I've heard that the High Elves live the longest of the three, but they're all pretty similar. What i have to go on is either: 350-400 years or: 900-1000 years. 900-1000 years seems a bit silly to me as surely the eleves would by the supreme race of all, and with such a long lifespan, the mysteries of Nirn (like the dwemer disappearance) would nearly all be solved.

So that's what i've heard, but am i right? Anyone have some info which can agree to this or tell me otherwise?

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Lower-class Dunmer apparently live up to 200 years if they're lucky, most reaching old age around 150 (according to this, Relds' answers were given by a developer so it's at least semi-official); Queen Barenziah lived at least 430 years, from her birth to her appearance in Tribunal (probably at least a few more, since there's nothing in Oblivion about her having died lately); while the high-ranking Telvanni magisters use magic to live as long as they want unless someone manages to kill them (Divyath Fyr is around 4,000 at the time of Morrowind, for instance).

In general, anyone powerful enough in magic is going to live a relatively long time, so there really are likely to be quite a few long-lived Altmer. We don't really have a proper baseline that I know of for Altmer or Bosmer, though; the former that have been mentioned in more than one game seem to have a frustrating tendency to die violently before their lifespan can be worked out. <_<

Bretons are noted for having relatively short lifespans, but whether that's compared to humans or mer is unknown.

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Lucky humans can live for a maximum of approximately 120 years, same as real life.

Argonians and Khajiit probably live about as long as humans.

Orsimer are tricky. They are elves, but cursed elves. Most Orcs (males in strongholds, at least) prefer to die in battle instead of old age, so they probably live until their 50s, depending on from what age it is "wrong" to take a wife or be chief. Naturally, they probably live as long as humans.

The other races of Mer are all long-lived, as far as we know, but for how long is not known. As connection to magic and social status are both known to affect lifespans, we can safely assume that Altmer are the longest lived, with nobles, priests, and mages living the longest. Even Divayth Fyr, the oldest recorded mortal (at 6000) and a Dunmer, says there are likely older elves than he. Rite Master Iachesis is said to have led the Psijics for 3000 years. Dunmer, despite being cursed (though some might say blessed) like the Orcs, are probably rather long-lived, possibly due to their stronger connection to magic. Again, social status plays a part, with common Ashlanders living closer to human age and nobles living longer.

I've been thinking that the Bosmer may not be very long-lived at all. They have little connection to magic and are supposedly the result of Aldmer taking "mannish wives" (mannish meaning human). I could be wrong.

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