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How to make KATANA...

Started by Xoo
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There are two kinds of iron ore: Mined ore...and Sand ore, iron eroded and washed down mountain streams over rocks and under boulders and ground to the consistency of sand.

This latter is almost pure iron and is easier to work with. But plain iron makes poor weapons. They will bend on impact and will not hold its edge. Carbon must be added to make steel so charcoal is made.

A huge pit is dug and alternate beds of iron ore and charcoal are layered in the hole.

Vents are opened up at the top and the pit is covered with dirt and clay. Then a fire is started in the pit bottom to begin the melting process.

Around the clock for a whole month do the laborers pump the bellows that feed the fiery dragon that lies beneath the surface.

Creating a sword is a religious act and so the workshop is purified before the new metal is brought in.

Small pieces of steel are stacked and heated in the forge.

Soon the bits of metal are fused together...then hammered and folded again and again.

Hammering compacts the metal and works out the impurities as the coarser carbon particles are forced out by the pounding.

More carbon can be added by dipping the metal in mud mixed with pine charcoal then returned to the fire.

Hammering also elongates the bar, then it can be folded back on itself to its.

Original size.

The folding will give strength to sword. But, care must be taken.

Uneven hammering or folding will cause internal distortions that will destroy the blade.

There are three kinds of steel required for a sword. The hardest steel for the edge will be folded fifteen times, making more than thirty-two thousand layers.

The soft steel for the shock absorbing core will be folded five times. And the medium hard folded ten times, will be for the sides and back -- Flexible but resistant to cutting by an enemy's weapon.

The forging must be just right...not enough heat and the metal will not be hard enough...too much and it will become too brittle -- useless.

After much scraping, filing and grinding, the sword is almost finished. Now the edge must be hardened. This is the most sacred part of the process.

It coat the blade with clay -- Thinner along the cutting edge.

With a prayer on itself lips, the blade is heated again...then plunged into water.

After the blade is signed, it is sent to a polisher for final shaping and to correct any imperfections.

The honing master uses whetstone blocks of successive fineness until the final polish with slivers of stone pasted onto paper or fingertips...


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