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HOW you should choose YOUR faction.

Started by xProphetx
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Aldmeri Dominion (Altmer)
Hey Guys,

I'm a part of several TESO forums and frankly I am getting sick of all the players picking factions because they think its the "best" in the game. I am not intending to bash on any specific factions because I too am still horribly confused in who I am going to play as (even though it says I am Dunmer-which im leaning towards).

Anyways I want everyone to REALIZE this, it may not be news to anyone, but races in TESO do NOT have special powers like they did in Skyrim. That means no berzerkers rage for orcs, fast magica regen for the Altmers..etc etc.

So when you are picking a race, it doesnt matter what play style you are.

Now, with this in mind, I came to the conclusion that there are 2 ways to pick your respective faction and race. KEEP IN MIND THIS IS JUST MY OPINION hahaha, just giving some insight to the people who are just as confused as I am.

1. The first way is LORE LORE LORE!!!!
If you are a hardcore RP player and follow the LORE of your specific race, then by all means YOU HAVE A GREAT REASON to play that race. Im sure you will have a blast playing as that character in TESO.

2. The Second is the respective landscape of your faction!
Trust me, this is HUGE! You are going to want to enjoy your scenery and WHERE you are playing, because this is what you are going to be staring at 20+ hours a week.
Daggerfall players should expect a desert and mountainous realm. Altmeri should expect a tropical island/rainforest setting. And the Ebonhearts should all enjoy the cold tundra/mountain region that we all grew to love in Skyrim.

To me, everyone is starting this game on a complete level playing field. The only thing that is TRULY a variable is the location/landscape that your faction is located in. Knowing this, I am going to wait until the Beta comes out to get a good feel of all the landscapes. (even if i dont get a beta key, i will see them in the streams). I love the Dunmar but after spending all those GOD FORSAKEN hours in Skyrim, my eyes are ready to see SOMETHING NEW!!! Not just barren tundras and icy peaks. But seeing Skyrim in the beta might change my mind.

In conclusion, dont follow the bandwagon to pick a faction based on whats the most popular or what everyone else is picking, there is no point in playing this game if you are not truly ENJOYING it.

Remember like i said before, choose a race that you not only like, BUT LOVE, and a location where you will love to keep coming back to and not get sick of. You are going to be be dedicating hours and hours on end, dont make the wrong decision.

Feel free to add more reasons on HOW to effectively pick a faction/race!!!
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Daggerfall Covenant
If only I could Frowning.

Anyway, yeah I completely agree. Even if there were bonus I think people should pick their favorite, and if the bonus was to throw off balance just complain. Too many people just go with what they think will win rather than what they rather be.
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Aldmeri Dominion (Khajiit)
It's true, I have always loved cats, so Khajiit is a natural for me; besides the fact that I always play a new game first as a Khajiit since TES games start in dark dungeons or ship holds usually and nighteye & stealth help me with the new beginning of each game. Of course, what could help with the chaotic opening of Skyrim?

I don't know how I will like Elsweyr but I sure can't wait to be there! Moon sugar fields on Niban Bay, here I come!!

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"Va Khaj Dar - Khajiity's united? M'aiq will join!" M'aiq the Liar
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Aldmeri Dominion (Khajiit)
This one agrees, and even in single player TES the Lore should be the main reason to pick a race, as one can adapt its personage to the playstyle one likes... When Lore is ignored, what reason can one have to play a TES game, one can simply go play some random shooter if lore doesn't matter...

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Daggerfall Covenant (Orc)
I just love the orc and always play as an orc no matter what alt characters are of course different races... I pick them bc they're so damn ugly haha
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Ebonheart Pact (Dunmer)
1. Lore.
2. Appearance.
3. Playing with your Guild/Friends.

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Ebonheart Pact (Dunmer)
1. Lore
2. Zones
3. Apearance
4. Friends/ guilds
5. Faction-specific gear (I think everyone will be able to get everything at some point, but I doubt it'll be as easy for an orc to get chitin armor as for a dunmer, as an example).

If an argonian turned into a werecrocodile would there be any difference in appearance? Like, at all?

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Opinions and feedback is much appreciated!
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Ebonheart Pact
1. What they look like.
2. How they act. (In previous TES games, what are they good at.)
3. Lore (It might be 3, but that is still a high rank of importance to me, don't get me wrong :D)
(Oh, this is for picking a race >_<. Picking a faction for me is dependent on the races in it.)
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Ebonheart Pact (Nord)
I think there will be some sort of mundane racial ability in ESO, it won't be as OP as it is in the single player games but something will most likely be there.
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Daggerfall Covenant (Breton)
For me, I chose the race I wanted to play and from there it placed me into the faction I've ended up in.

I know my main will be a Dunmer because I love playing Dunmers in the single player series. Thus I end up in Ebonheart Pact.

I also know my alt will be Breton because when I'm playing a pure mage in the single player series, usually I play a Breton. Thus I end up in the Daggerfall covenant.

But anyway, because of my love for Morrowind, being in Ebonheart Pact makes the most sense for me. How else can I worship Almsivi?

Co-GM of The Psijic Order Guild (NA)
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Aldmeri Dominion (Bosmer)
One of the main reasons I am being a bosmer is because I love the race and the lore of them, but my reasons for picking the Aldmeri Dominion is that we have never seen Valenwood, Summerset Isles or Elsweyr is any of the other games apart from what you read in the odd book. So for me I'm choosing this faction/race for lore and location.
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Daggerfall Covenant (Redguard)
Good topic. Theyve definately made it interesting by leveling the playing field and opting for no specific class based races. I like it myself. I think Ill be deciding based mostly on appearance and starting areas. Although, since I havent found a guild yet, that could have an impact on my choice as well. If I find a group that fits my play style and personality, then Ill definately be picking from their chosen faction. Im leaning toward Daggerfall at the moment though, I think.
Its kinda hard to settle on a race yet, since we still dont know as much as Id like. Maybe Ill decide once I see beta and get a feel for the differences in regions, races, etc. Although Ive had fun with Nords, Red Guards, and Bretons in the past, Im keeping an open mind as far as race is concerned yet.
Thanks for the topic though Prophet
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Lore means nothing in MMOs, RPers get spanked in PvP and then laughed at. No offense. Seen this too many times in MMOs. People are mainly picking factions just to get with people early... Its like starting an alliance early in travian. Either complete noobs do it, or veterans who know who is coming along with them. Because its faction locked, veterans pick out their guys in advance. Its going to be extremely one sided at first I'm guessing.
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Ebonheart Pact (Argonian)
For me number one is Guild my reason is that if not all of my time 90% of it will be spent playing with them. Also if you choose a different fraction even if there is cross fraction gilding you will not be able to PVP with them, plus all the drama it will cause within the Guild.

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Ebonheart Pact (Dunmer)

1. morrowind was the best tes game.
2. dunmer
3. cast fire 1 point on self mmmmm destruction anyone
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