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Hunters Guild (NPC Guild Idea) - Post Launch

Started by CharlesJT
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This NPC guild, which is made up of hunters, archers and rangers, will lead you on a series of quests to hunt down and kill rare and unique beasts scattered throughout Tamriel. There’s no other objective but to explore the land while hunting worthy game. You’ll have a Hunters Log that shows which animals you need to hunt down and kill (extensive list spanning multiple zones). In addition to adding many hours of new content, a new Hunter Skill Line would be added and have access to abilities such as:

Detect Animal (passive): The caster can detect animal life.
Oakflesh: Improve the caster’s armor rating for duration.
Forestwalk: The caster’s run speed is increased for duration.
Ranger Trap: Creates booby trap. Inflicts damage while stunning target (one per use).
Night-Eye: The world is cast in bluish hue, making darker areas more visible.
Hawk Companion (passive): Slightly improve the caster’s stealth detection radius.

Overall, the Hunters Guild is relatively easy to implement because the content already exists. The year ESO takes place is E2 583 262 years after the Guild Act was passed in the Empire. Many sanctioned guilds popped up very quickly. The Hunters Guild is entirely lore friendly.
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I would like this.

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Yea, it's a cool idea.
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Yes this is the obvious evolution in the game. A (bounty) hunters' guild is far more complimentary to the lore and game mechanics.

Inversely if Zenimax made the mistake of making an archer class I for one would consider leaving the game, if more classes were introduced, as 4 is 3 too many already.
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It's a great idea.

I could see how all members of a hunters guild would be werewolves.. because wolves are hunters by nature.
And then zenimax could combine vampires with the thieves guild to make an opposing group.

Then the hunters guild and the thieves guild could act as water and fire to eachother always hating and at war with eachother.

This could add a wonderful extra dimension to the lore of the elder scrolls.
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It's a cool Idea, I bet people who are choosing clothing as their main profession will lap this up! I personally am hoping for a vampire/Werewolf hunting guild. My only problem is the abilities you've suggested, they don't seem exciting enough! Oakflesh is very similar to a few of the DK's abilities but are not as good. Spiked armor and obsidian shield have other effects other than boosting your armor.
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